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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Shelling, suffering and propaganda | The Listening Post

After three weeks of fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia, both sides have leaned on their domestic media to give their version of events. We examine the events in Nagorno-Karabakh and the dangers of war reporting in the age of COVID-19.


Cavid Aga – Writer, Open Caucasus Media
Daniel Hamilton – Political and communications analyst
Neil Hauer – Non-resident fellow, Frontier Europe
Ani Paitjan – Journalist, CivilNet

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    that was a great program to watch
    Thanks for the good job you people

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    The ceasefire is a big mistake. This conflict is like a dynamite with a pin pull out already. It has to be resolved by Armenia leaving the occupied lands of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan started to expel the Armenian troops from their lands and this must continue until there is a clear unconditional promise of immediate Armenian withdrawal from the Azeri lands.

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    Sajjad Khan Bangash

    Today's warfare is being duly fought on the battlefield along with information flow as what is called "5th generation warfare" in which the adversaries have to relay the progress made by their armies with an intend to the target audience and also to International level so as to exercise the leverage in the war. Since there is the psychological advantage associated with it. The more the information regarding the impact of the damage to the enemy has been inflicted, the more the local audience is dragged towards the political maneuvering.

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    Armenia ethnically cleansed Nagorno-Karabakh, when Armenia invaded Karabakh 30 years ago. One million Azeris fled the area. During the invasion, Armenia carried out massacres in several locations in western Azerbaijan (i.e. Nagorno-Karabakh), with the most notable in Hocali where Armenian militia (backed by Armenian army) massacred 650 civilian Azeris. Now, Armenia says that only ethnic Armenians live in Nagorno-Karabakh but conveniently forgets that the real reason for this is Armenia’s brutal ethnic cleansing in the first place. One million Azeris, who fled their homes in Nagorno-Karabakh, have been living in different parts of Azerbaijan in the last 30 years. They lost their homes and their lands, and had to live like refugees in the last few decades. After invading western Azerbaijan and ethnically cleansing its population, Armenia got very cosy in its occupied territory whilst telling the world in the last 30 years that negotiations must continue to find a solution. What Armenia really has been wanting as a squatter, who had beaten the house owner and thrown him out of the balcony, is the title deed of the house. But there is a problem. The law tells Armenia, that this property does not belong to Armenia but belongs to Azerbaijan.

    According to four different United Nations resolutions in the last 30 years, Armenia is an occupier and should leave occupied Azerbaijan territory. United Nations (i.e. the whole world), thinks that Armenia is an invader of a neighboring country. No country will break the international law to help Armenia. And Armenia is very isolated right now on the international stage and it does not have the military and financial resources to be able to defend the lands that it had invaded. So, Armenian lives will be lost during this battle and Armenia will be kicked out of the land that it had illegally invaded and occupied. No one has any sympathy for an illegal invader and occupier. Armenia will not be able to generate sympathy. Even Russians, who normally support Armenia in everything, know that Armenia is guilty. Armenian diaspora’s PR war in western countries cannot change the facts and also cannot change the law and the international law.

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    S korea Moon Jae-in is either a diplomatic genius or a communist set on destroying his country

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    South korea Rigged Election CCP Out

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    S korea is now under martial law

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    S korea ' s liberal rulers unleash their inner authoritarians ( the economics)

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    This occupation by Armenia caused 1 milion azeri refugees and ethnic cleansing of azeris from Karabagh. More than 20000 azeris were killed in Karabakh and today 99% of Karabakh is populated by armenians.

    On the other side Azerbaijan is a multi ethnic country with people from different religions and ethnicity (including 30000 armenians) . There are more than 500 russian, english, turkish schools and everbody lives in peace.

    I'm wondering what you guys would do if 20% of your country's teritory (internationally recognized by all the nations in the world and by all the international organizations) would be occupied by another nation.

    This must end after 30 years of talking and 1 milion of azeris must go back to their lands.

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    Shame on Israel and Turkey backing Azerbaijan.

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    Looks like Al Jizzeera doesn't pay him enough…cheap IKEA furnishing surrounds him. Disgusting biased presenter of fake news. PS Malaysia still hates you.

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    Armenian lands, always have been. Shame on those that claim Armenia is occupying.

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    Azeris are lucky Armenians did not pull their heavy weaponry yet. If they did, they could have reached Baku.

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    Actions of the Azerbaijani side are apparently dictated to prove the statement made by the President of Azerbaijan yesterday regarding occupation of Hadrut right.

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    This reporting is the whole truth. Great reporting. Azeris must listen and understand the truth, (not just yelling gharabagh is Azerbaijan.)

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    Karabakh so called Armenian majority must be seen in the light of Russo-Persian wars starting from 18th century. Until then the majority people are the Azeris or people affiliated with Persia or Ottoman Empire. during the early 19th century, after Russia durably establishes itself in the Caucasus, they start the ethnic engineering of the region and placing people of their religious colour in the region to strengthen their hold on the region. This is how the Armenians become the majority in Karabakh. However, Armenians make some bombastic claims about Karabakh being the birthplace of Armenians culture, etc. But, this is not the only region they make such claims. They claim the same for Van, Adana, Dersim region, and several other places. Their religio-racist ideology allows no existence to other people who inhabit the region for thousands of years. They say no, we are the first Christian nation and the Noah's sons came to this region before anyone, etc. It is a fictional fake history, they genuinely believe. A very peculiar psychology.

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    All of this is sins of armenians who believe a fake God, hypocrite God, a war maniac!~~~

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    Azerbaijan is liberating its internationally recognized territories. It is a right of self-defence being exercised by Azerbaijan within its internationally recognized borders. The question is about what armenian soldiers are doing on a foreign soil. Azerbaijan worked for peacefull resolution for almost 30 years. Now it is only Armenia to be blamed.

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    The difference between Armenia and Azerbaijan is that Armenia is a democracy, while Azerbaijan is an authoritarian state, ruled by a despotic leader, Aliev. The absence of democracy is a common feature of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Authoritarian states have always tended to project their power on the outside to eliminate any possible resistance on the inside. Turkey has recently become extremely aggressive internationally, by getting involved in Syria, the Mediterranean in the territorial waters of Cyprus, or by getting involved in the refugee crisis in order to encourage them to force the European Union border. Turkey has simultaneously launched several international crises to assert itself as a regional leader. It is possible that the idea of ​​reheating the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict came from Turkey, which could not have otherwise caused Armenia and the Russian Federation in the Caucasus region. The only way to expand its influence in this region was through a proxy – Azerbaijan

    Problem at the moment is that the ceasefire agreement does not provide for the withdrawal of Azerbaijani troops and Islamic terrorist groups from Nagorno-Karabakh. It will be very difficult for the Minsk Group to obtain their withdrawal from Azerbaijan and Turkey. This issue will probably be discussed directly between Putin and Erdogan, as part of a dialogue on several issues of interest to both countries. Aliyev, Erdogan, Putin can understand each other very well as long as they have in common the trait of authoritarian leader. Armenia cannot participate in these talks regarding its destiny because it is a democracy, led by political leaders legitimized by free elections. Armenia can only rely on traditional relations with the Russian Federation and France, as well as on the persuasive power of its diaspora. The danger of Islamization Nagorno-Karabakh is real, and the international community should realize that Turkey and Azerbaijan are encouraging Islamic terrorism in order to pursue their own hegemonic goals. Any discussion on resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict must start with the expansion of democratic mechanisms in the region and the danger of Islamic radicalism. Will Western democracies be able to effectively encourage the democratization of the South Caucasus and the transformation of Turkey into a country without ambitions for expansion to the detriment of democracies in its vicinity? For the time being, this question is not even formulated as such.

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    Stalin didn't made it part of Azerbaijan. It was part of first Azerbaijan republic before the Soviets. Upon Armenians claims for Nagorno Karabakh, Stalin decision was it to stay in Azerbaijan.

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    even if azerbaijan was a dictatorship and armenia a democracy, it has no relevance to conflict. karabakh is azeri land according to everyone, this is the only thing that matters. you can not occupy my land because the president is dictator. your argument is completely flawed and has no worth. the only question that world should ask armenians is WTF are you doing on foreign soil for 28 years? I am not interested if you believe that tiqran ruled this land several billion years ago, karabakh is azerbaijan by unanimous decision of every involved party, any legal system, every UN member. further words just complication of issue

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    Support 🇦🇲 from 🇪🇬
    Stop islamic fascism 🐖

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    Stop islamo fascism
    🇦🇲 🇪🇬 ❤

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    History will judge Joseph Stalin for all catastrophe in nagorno karabakh region since 1988.

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