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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Azerbaijan troops show off alleged destroyed Armenian military hardware

Azerbaijan’s public broadcaster released a video on Thursday showing what they said was Armenian military hardware, captured or destroyed by Azerbaijan military forces as the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict entered its 5th day.

“We will fight for our lands until the end. And we will liberate our lands from the occupation,” one of the soldiers, Vasif Allahverdiyev, said.

Dozens of people have been reported killed and hundreds wounded since Sunday in fighting that has renewed concern about stability in the South Caucasus.

Azerbaijan said at least three Azeri civilians had been killed in the latest clashes, taking the civilian death toll in Azerbaijan to at least 18.

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    Please stop it, please

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    thanks mister erdogan plus syria mercenaries and pakistan soldiers but the armenia army destroy not truks but tanks and a lot of drones and others

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    How delusional are these idiots? Seriously. Do you honestly think that Armenians are going to give up their ancestral lands? Keep trying, and you will lose, AGAIN.

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    Karabakh is Azerbaijan territory 🇦🇿😍👍👏❤️

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    Kire Beatz Production

    Клирс берант

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    Pagal diwana Rajpoot

    (-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

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    Арсланбек Алымов

    Молодцы вы Ностаяшие войны

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    If we read this history, we get a clear understanding that the problem creator was non other than kemal mustafa, no doubt that there were others with him but he laid the source of fire and created unrest with his neighbour.

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    During Soviet Collapse a lot of Nuclear Suitcase's disappeared. They should find one and Blackmail them into withdrawal if Not Boom

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    Allah is the creator and we are th followers of Allah. So all land is rightfully our's.

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    Really hope Azerbaijan gets smarter and realizes they are being used by Erdogan.

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    Azerbaijan don't listen anyone. Take your land back.

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    Happy Media Studio

    Azerbaijan zindabad move forward Pakistan cover you

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    There is not any proof regarding bringing Syrians into Azerbaijan and their participation in the battles going on in Karabakh now. Referring to which resource or proof do you write such an ambitious article? So why don’t you write or publish any article on immigration of Syrians and Libyans into Nagorno Karabakh region intentionally which has a lot of proofs. By this action Armenia evidently violates Geneva Convention. Why don’t you write about this issue? But you publish news that doesn’t have any proof.
    Is it your unbiased journalism? Do you know what can be the results of publishing these types of wrong and fake information? Actually, it is Russia and Armenia who are tossing out this rumor. Because as per international law the third party cannot interfere with any conflict. Resolution of Nagorno Karabakh conflict is not beneficial for Russia as otherwise it can lose total control over Nagorno Karabakh. That’s why it has been 30 years that by supporting Armenia Russia delayed resolution of the conflict.

    Currently, conflict is not going on in disputed regions. Currently, conflict is going on in Azerbaijan’s own territories that internationally recognized by both United Nations and its member states. In resolutions of UN evacuation and return of these lands are required unconditionally. As being international media why don’t you refer as per international laws? Why don’t you research before you write these materials? As per international law, until 1988 Azerbaijanis and Armenians lived together in the area of autonomous Nagorno-Karabakh Province. Afterwards Armenia required to join these territories into Armenia. Except Nagorno Karabakh 7 regions of Azerbaijan are occupied and more than 1 mln people fleed their homelands by being refugees. Thousands of people, elders, children, and women are killed mercilessly. Today’s battles are carried in those 7 regions which are recognized by UN itself too. So why do you call these territories as disputed?

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    Putin want to leave this war endless

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    Love from Bangladesh

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    Long live Islam long live azerbaijan

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