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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Azerbaijan president blames Armenia

Armenia says it is ready to work with mediators to re-establish a ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Armenian and Azerbaijani forces have been fighting over the long-disputed region for six days.
Al Jazeera’s Sinem Koseoglu spoke to Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev in Baku about the conflict.

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  1. Avatar

    According to wikileaks, Qatar and Turkey are sending its ISIS merceneries to Azerbaijan to fight christian armenians.

  2. Avatar

    No intention to insult, but he looks like Hitler

  3. Avatar

    They deleted both of our messages..

    Well, the states around Israel did try to destroy us, but Israel beat them. 3 times.
    Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq.
    In the mean time? Jordan and Egypt and the UAE made peace with Israel. Syria still wants.

  4. Avatar

    The world should stand with Azerbaijan!
    Go azeri people 🇦🇿

  5. Avatar
    Jefta Gabrielson

    At war, all president will say that

  6. Avatar

    MUSE – Aftermath

  7. Avatar

    aliev is a war criminal and a terrorist! He must be judged by international court in Haag for crimes against peaceful christian armenians!

  8. Avatar

    If we look of what Turkeys did to Armenian people 80 years ago, you would probably think again which side is telling the truth and which side that doesn't. Azerbaijan says that Nagorno Karabakh is their legitimate territory and the Armenian people took it from them..Well i tell you what, 67 Percent of Turkeys land is actually belong to Armenian People and the rest is Greece. This is the mass occupations..Why the world don't see this thing? Come on…

  9. Avatar

    The fact that the News don’t talk about this …

  10. Avatar

    Azerbaijan 😍😍 Bangladesh.. Love u.. Bangladesh supporter Azerbaijan .. 🇧🇩🇧🇩❤❤🇦🇿🇦🇿

  11. Avatar
    Shukur Ismayilov

    It's not a disputed region. Look at the United Nations resolutions

  12. Avatar
    syed sajad hussain

    We support Azerbhaijan and territory belongs to them,The same way alkudus belongs to paleestein,kashmir belongs to pakistan,,,,dont expect anything from uno,UNO is an exposed biased organistion,,we must fight for our territories ourselves

  13. Avatar
    Svetliaok Dymnova

    Thirty years that Armenia has occupied a fifth of Azerbaijan! Thirty years after the genocide of the Azeris in this territory, they destroyed Azeri homes and schools! Thirty years that Russian mercenaries have helped the Armenians in this annexation! Тридцать лет назад Армения оккупировала пятую часть Азербайджана! Спустя 30 лет после геноцида азербайджанцев на этой территории они разрушили азербайджанские дома и школы! Тридцать лет, когда русские наемники помогали армянам в этой аннексии! Trente ans que Armenia occupe un cinquième de Azerbaidjan ! Trente ans que après génocide des Azéris de ce territoire ils détruisent les maisons et les écoles azéries ! Trente ans que des mercenaires russes aident les Arméniens à cette annexion !

  14. Avatar

    Armanian is wrong and in looking they started fisrt. That reason their prezedent is not giving interview and not saying much about it. But Azarbayajan prezdent says open and clear about it

  15. Avatar

    Arzakh has always been and will be Armenian!

  16. Avatar

    Hey is that Erdogan's twin? He looks so much like him!

  17. Avatar

    Arzakh has always been autonomous armenian region innhabited by indiginous armenian population. After the Soviet Rule fell we voted to come out of Soviet and join mother Armenia. This fact wont accept terrorist imposter aliev who wants all armenians massacred. He even claims that whole Armenia belongs to him also the Armenian capital! People of the world should know this is a lier and a war criminal!

  18. Avatar
    Marine Sarkisian

    We don’t have to forget that turkey until now don’t Want to recognize1915 That day killed million and a half Armenians and Azerbaijan doesn’t wanna realize that No Artsach Armenian territory both countries the presidents of Azerbaijan and turkey they both lying and this is not a some something new that the world doesn’t know of courseThey have to lie to protect themselves but also the whole world knows that they start the world this is not the first time and really they don’t want the territory they want to do the second genocide And for you appreciate that you talk to both sides but I’m sure you also know that they’re telling the lie they never like our vice president because he came to power in lotta things changed in my country he’s fighting against corruption he’s fighting for his people he’s fighting for our country And today we can see the other countries they wash their hands and probably waiting until Armen is going to collapse or disappear in every country wants to get what they can it’s not going to be happening this time

  19. Avatar

    Please peace more better from war.

  20. Avatar

    azerbadjan has been preapering this attack for many months and international powers know and have the proofs that he is the attacker!

  21. Avatar

    Aliyev is just a dictator killing his own people! He just uses the war as an excuse to stay in power. The whole world knows. Armenia has the best prime minister everyone could dream about. STOP KILLING!

  22. Avatar

    Azerbaijan is the aggressor in this situation, they’re the ones at fault. They should stop attacking Azerbaijan as soon as possible.

  23. Avatar

    He is right , its been 30 years and the negotiations are not working , Armenia has to give back that land one way or another, they can't steal and get away with it. 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  24. Avatar

    Why not introduce yourself us a tyrk? You changing your country for tyrki

  25. Avatar

    Ermeni don’t cry now, we haven’t forgot the past.


  26. Avatar

    Si estás en Baku e informas desde Az, tiendes a favorecer a Az.

  27. Avatar

    Stop the war please stop

  28. Avatar

    stop the war

  29. Avatar

    Jihadi, radical, terrorists mentality people and organisations are developed in countries like pakistan, turkey and in some islamic countries. They are used in non-muslim and secular countries as tools by these rouge Islamic countries to promote their agenda islamic rule. This is very danger in future and can lead to destruction of world, so instead of supporting one country against other one should set aside egos and fanatic nature and make the two nations to sit on the table and make peacefull settlement.

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