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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Armenia says it faces joint aggression by Azerbaijan and Turkey

An Armenian media outlet released on Friday footage showing the aftermath of shelling in what is said to be Stepankert, the capital of the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anna Naghdalyan said that the country faces joint aggression by both Azerbaijan and Turkey.

“The aggressive joint actions of Azerbaijan and Turkey and the use of foreign terrorist fighters have been undermining regional security and peace, significantly raising the risks of a fully-fledged war.” Naghdalyan said.

Fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenian forces continued for a sixth day in the heaviest clashes since the 1990s around the disputed region with both sides claiming to have inflicted significant damage on the other.

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  1. Avatar

    Yo ma'am, you are occupying azerbaijan’s land .. you are the aggressor.. please buy a huge mirror and look deeply and reflect yourself!!!

  2. Avatar

    If Armenia call me for war with azarbaijan then I am ready to come Armenia because we are non muslim

  3. Avatar

    Long live Azerbaijan and turkey ❤️ from Pakistan….

  4. Avatar

    This does not apply to normal humans of azerbaijan, and it applies to the brainwashed radicals
    Your leader herds u like sheep, you run as he tells u and u probably don’t have a choice, promises u virgins when u leave this life while him and his in-laws rapped u all out of your country’s riches and their kids r enjoying the fruits of your labor in European countries
    We had a dictator or two like Aliev, we got rid of him
    Wake up

  5. Avatar

    armenia should get from azerbaijan land… what a shame of them still stay there

  6. Avatar

    Is drone or cessna 741?

  7. Avatar

    Long live Armenia

  8. Avatar

    ✔️We're going back to our house. !!
    Our job is the right thing.
    This war is the struggle of innocents who fled in their mother's arms on a snowy winter night…
    🇷🇺 большой+сад,
    🇩🇪 groß+Garden
    Aserbaidschanische Wörter
    ✔️Currently, 1 million refugees in Azerbaijan are waiting to return to their lands.
    🕳️How to behave with “animals” that nail our babies to the wall and tear the bellies of our wives …?!
    ♦ ️If you want to remain an “honest person”, you cannot support Armenia. Since they occupied our lands in the recent past and killed many people, the choice is yours …

  9. Avatar

    Armenia's president is stupid. His aggressive tendency is responsible for this situation. He don't want a peaceful solution.

  10. Avatar
    Muneer Abbasi Tourist

    Armenia occupying the land illegally
    They should move back immediately

  11. Avatar

    Why Don't You Armenians Give Azerbaijani Land….Now After So Many Peoples Died Now Armenians Are Ready For Peace Talks..😜✌️

  12. Avatar

    Turkey is a state sponsor of terrorism and needs to be condemned and sanctioned by the international community.

  13. Avatar

    Both countries have to give up this bit of land and give it to the landless Gypsies.

  14. Avatar

    this is war …

  15. Avatar
    shiva g rao bhao

    Long live azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇵🇰

  16. Avatar

    Why are you crying now lady? Get over it. You should have thought about this BEFORE you armed and supported the Nagorno Karabakh terrorist seperatists. Withdraw from NK and also return the 7 other adjacent Azeri areas that you have also captured and occupied. Until then we are not interested in your fake tears.

  17. Avatar

    UN failed in peace process
    Because it's silence over illegal occupations. UN Security council resolutions.
    Love peace and humanity not illegal occupation

  18. Avatar

    Armenia reject peace talk and after destroying its own helicopter aircraft they wanna come to table talk.
    Supporting Azerbaijan and Turkish support to Baku 🇵🇰🇵🇰❤❤❤🇹🇷🇹🇷

  19. Avatar
    Turkane Novruzova

    AZERBAİJAN İSNT A PUPPET COUNTRY to hide behind the big countries. We dont need any other forces. We are 30.000000 people TOGETHER WİTH North and South Azerbaijan. learn first and talk then..

  20. Avatar
    Turkane Novruzova

    This isnt a conflict these war is going on within Azerbaijan lands, Azerbaijan country, within the broders of Azerbaijan

  21. Avatar

    Armenia stupid.. your first make agression.. LOL

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