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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Armenia says Azerbaijan attacking civilian areas with cluster bombs

The Armenian government said that residential areas in Nagorno-Karabakh were being shelled by Azerbaijan with cluster munitions and missiles being used in attacks as the conflict in the disputed region rages on.

Footage released by the Artsakh Defence Army, the armed forces of the Armenian-run enclave within Azerbaijan, shows strikes in Stepanakert, as multiple explosions are seen and heard.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan’s Defence Ministry released on Monday footage of the village of Talish, said to have been taken by Azerbaijan’s forces.

Ethnic Armenian officials in the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh said on Monday that 21 more servicemen had been killed in fierce fighting with Azerbaijan, bringing its total military death toll to 223 since the conflict broke out eight days ago.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly said that Armenia’s withdrawal from Nagorno-Karabakh is the sole condition to end the fighting.

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    Asadullah Bhanbhro

    Arminia Hitting Missile on Civil Citizen.
    Not AZARBIJSN targeting…
    Go BACK ARMINIA ARMY from Areas of AZARBIJSN Occupied by ARMINIA 28 Years ago
    Against UN United Nations Resulation
    Arminia himself Hitting Missile on Civil Citizen in Karah Bagh

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    "In start of every century there is a great war"

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    Stepankert no ❌ Khankendi✅ Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

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    karabakh is azerbaijan area!!!

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    Religious war has finally begun. Been brewing for a long time. Sad to say but, it will spread. EU zone will likely get dragged in. Refugees will be coming through. Where too though? The MSM will say it's about land! , that's a cover story. Erdogan has his sight fixed on resurrecting the Ottoman Empire.

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    I’m on Armenia’s side purely because of System of a Down. Anyone with actual knowledge care to educate a unaware American?

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    Hey global news, just so you know Stepanakert is Artsakh, aka nagorno-karabakh, and not Azerbaijan.

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    Azarbaijan is a fake country. It belongs to IRAN.

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    Stepanakert is a integral part of Armenia and world leaders are fail to understand it and here is the Pepsi t of that even news channel showing it’s Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 open your eyes you literate fools

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    İt is not true Azerbaijan attacking armenians civilian armenians attacking civilian Azerbaijnis write search on YouTube and you will see they attacking to Ganja, Mingechavir , and Tar Tar

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    Please stop Armenian army and go back armenia leve nagorno karabagh

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    Alhamdulillah win azharbhanjan

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    الياس بلخادم


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    cowards from Russia never help to allies ….. Russia always atacked only weaky country

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    Its Armenia who is doing this but as usual Christian channels are supporting and defending Armenia blindly, shame on you.

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    Imperialist Mapping

    This will be the first war of many the post ww2 peace is coming to an end

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    KARABAX AZERBAYDJANSKI ZEMLA…..🇦🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿🇦🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿

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    Why Azerbaijan will destroy its own property and people?? 🤔

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    Eye for an eye and very soon every one is blind. Peace is the answer

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    Come on Azerbaijan don’t leave this war unfinished and don’t rely on UN resolutions.

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    Where is UN? where is USA,Rush,China. Why they are sailent

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