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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Armenia, Azerbaijan continue attacks as Russia calls for ceasefire

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Wednesday for the attacks to stop in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, saying fighting between ethnic Armenian and Azeri forces was a tragedy.

The fighting in the region — involving heavy artillery, warplanes and drones — has continued despite numerous international calls for a ceasefire.

Residents of Stepanakert, the capital of the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region, picked through the rubble of their destroyed homes on Wednesday, with some forced to seek underground shelter for days as the city has been subjected to repeated artillery attacks.

Clashes between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in the region since Sept. 27 has killed hundreds in the worst escalation of hostilities since 1994 when a truce ended a war that raged for several years.

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  1. Avatar

    This is exactly like the situation in Crimea. Armenia is Russia, Azerbaijan is Ukraine and Nagorno Karabakh is Crimea. Only Armenia does not have the military strength and influence to do what Russia did.

  2. Avatar

    Russia and Mr Putin will have to go in and sort this out..

  3. Avatar
    Alessandro Delogu

    Armenia should take example from Italy, and change allies. We had similar issues with our minorities, and solved them with diplomacy. If Turkey and Azerbaijan are so strong, Armenia should switch to the strongest side and join their team. They should deal with Aliyev so that he gives the highest possible autonomy to the Armenians of Karabakh, then withdraw their troops from the land. They should also deal with Turkey, decide a common version of the facts of 1915, and make economic deals both countries could earn from.
    It is not a honorable choice, but it's better than their current poverty and war.
    Italians are always on the right side: the winning one. In the late XIX century France and Britain helped us to fight against Austria, to unify our country. Immediately after we allied with Austria and Germany against France and Britain. In WWI we sided with France and Britain against Austria and Germany, winning the war. In 1934 we guaranteed Austrian independence from Nazi Germany, then allied with Hitler. In WWII when Hitler started losing we joined America, becoming the most loyal allies of the USA… at least for now. This is why Italy has no enemies: everyone is a potential partner.
    In fact everybody does like us. We're simply the only ones honest enough to admit it.

  4. Avatar

    Basically said we are trying to be friends with them both. Want a ceasefire. But of Turkey and Azerbaijan press their luck, they'll awake the Bear to the north.

  5. Avatar
    شہاب الدین قاضی

    All occupied land will be liberated soon. Long Live 🇹🇷 🇶🇦 🇵🇰🇦🇿🇮🇷🇲🇾

  6. Avatar
    lam Somali love Turkey

    With Azerbaijan form Somalia be strong Allah with Us russia alwas support for theft

  7. Avatar

    Currently, the Azeri Army is not fighting inside Karabakh region. They are sending rockets there because they are returning fire. Currently, the Azeris are in the process of liberating the Azeri regions . adjacent to Karabagh occupied in early 1990s as a buffer and security zone for Karabagh. I suspect the fighting will diminish when these Azeri regions are liberated and some sort of agreement maybe found for the Karabagh region itself.

  8. Avatar
    peethaambar reddy kalluru

    Situation constraints.

    1) give Armenia nagarno and karabakh to ajerbhaijan. (Or)

    2) Give Ajerbhaijan place Cristian community move to nagarno. And karabakh muslim community move to nagarno.
    3) Armenia territory expand to 200 kms sorroundings give nagorna – karabha to Ajerbhaijan. In this place people's move to that 200 kms sorrounding territory.
    4) make nagorna – karabakh as special country. Give new map with new leader.

  9. Avatar

    Armenia: You wany trouble?
    Azerbaijan: Oh I want trouble allright.
    Aremenia: Then you're gonna get trouble.
    Russia: Don't make me angry guys… you wouldn't like me when i'm angry.

  10. Avatar

    All world face like happened in Azarbijan. This Gog magog fraudulent drama for grab other's land. After this operation , they go to Ukraine, Georgia and other.

  11. Avatar

    Azerbaijan, great job!!! God bless!!!

  12. Avatar
    Süleyman Allahverdiyev

    Azerbaijan will be victorious 🇦🇿

  13. Avatar

    Death to Azerbaijan.

  14. Avatar

    UNO i.e. VETO-5 should come forward and implement the UNSC resolutions on Nagrono Karabakh ASAP.

  15. Avatar

    Enggak ada yg berangkat
    Jihad dukung erdagon?
    Erdagon baru saja membaca Al-Quran dan mengadakan adzan pertama dan sholat Jumat perdana di masjid Hagia Sophia
    Kini tangannya berlumuran darah anak anak dan warga sipil tak tai apa apa.
    Rencana besar apalagi ini yaa Allah?
    Kau yg maha mengetahui dan memahami,kau maha bijaksana.
    Damai atau perang dimataku sama saja
    Sebagai bukti ada nya pengatur alam semesta.
    Terimakasih Tuhan .
    Kau telah membuka hati dan fikiran utk memandang kejadian alam adalah atas dasar kasih sayang mu mu kepada alam semesta ini.
    Yg menang dan yg kalah perang akan kembali kepada Allah
    Putusan benar dan salah ada di pencipta alam semesta yaitu Allah ajja wa zalla🙄

  16. Avatar

    Go Russia take Nagorno😎like Crimeea is yours..God give to you🤗

  17. Avatar

    azerbhijan pakistan turky love u and zindabad

  18. Avatar

    Thats what happen if we undermine hard millitary power.

  19. Avatar

    It's not about land it's about hating christians.

  20. Avatar

    University (Education) teach war or to serve people..

  21. Avatar

    Don’t send your children’s to Karabakh. Armenian government uses you as “bullet meat”. They don’t care about you.

  22. Avatar

    armenia just give back their land, then talk about karbah.

  23. Avatar

    How sad these are machines to murder each other!!! Oh my God!!!! Not animals but humans with flesh n blood!!! Come ppl there’s way better way to resolve conflict!!!! God save your ppl!!!!!

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