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Nagorno-Karabakh: Civilians and churches under fire – BBC News

Half the population of the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh have been displaced by fighting.

On both sides of the conflict, Armenian and Azeri civilians have been killed.

Within hours of a temporary truce agreed in Moscow, fresh shelling was reported by both Armenian and Azerbaijani forces.

This is not a religious war, but many Armenians are sheltering in churches and fear they may be shelled.

Filmed by Gabriel Chaim

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    Armenia want only peace

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    The World is silent. The world doesn't see anything.

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    be strong Armenians!

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    #Artsakhstrong ✊🇦🇲

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    Armenia is strong, because our people are united ❤️💙🧡🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

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    world open your eyes 🙏🙏🙏

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    The world is blind, but Armenians are strong! When The world will deny the aggression?

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    ffs ! People suffering pisses me off. just wish i could stop there misery.

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    NATO sleeping

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    Kristina Tadevosyan

    Don’t be blind, don’t be silent world ❗️ Even in churches when people pray for peace the aggressor bombing them, not only churches but schools, kindergartens,villages… Armenia wants only peace 🇦🇲🙏🏻

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    Hovhannes Sargsyan

    Le panturquisme est une nouvelle pandémie.
    Vive l'Arménie

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    vergine harutyunyan


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    Эрдоган – спонсор всемирниго терроризма, наполнил весь Кавказ террористами-головорезцами. И эта угроза для всего мира. Теперь этот криминалист несет ответственость за все теракты региона.

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    When God said "love your enemy" then there were no Thurkish in the world.

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    Artsakh is strong. Stop Azerbaidjan .Arsakh os Armenia!!!

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    God watch after them. Hear their cries. Be their shield.

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    Where is civil Europe? What is your opinion to all this? How can people to be so blind or look at all this with keeping silence? Shame on all people who live without recognizing truth!
    #stopAzerbajianiaggression #StopErdogan #StopAliyev #stopterorism

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    #Stop Azerbaijan

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    Internatiinal community, punish aggressors, punish murderer politicians of azerbaijan.

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    Armenia wants peace. People in Artsakh want to leave peaceful life in their homeland. #peaceforArtsakh #peaceforArmenians #stopaliyev #stoperdogan #stopturkey #stopazerbaijan

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    War is only solution

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    Baseless territorial claims of armenian government lead to current situation. Armenian government is in charge of further consequences. We just want armenian forces get the hell out of internationally recognized and historical lands of Azerbaijan. Our war is not with armenian civilians. But armenia forces intentionally target our residential buildings having nothing to do with military object. One solution to stop war is to force armenian government stop policy of barbarism and vandalism against azerbaijani populations. Apply sanctions armenia to fullfil 4 UN resolutions accepted 30 years ago.

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    you must to fight do not surrender just stay where you are..

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    People of Artsakh looking for Peace, cannot understand why it is so "all the same" for this world that people are just dying in some part of the world, just because of someone's ambitions.

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    People #DontBeBlined

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    The reality must be accepted. Azerbaijan with Turkey, who hired syrian fighters are fighting to kill innocent people and bring the osmanian empire of horror. Don't be blind!!!! #SanctionTurkey

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    The monsters doing this to innocent people will never get what they want.

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    Tell the world the truth: Tell them that Arcax( Nagorno Karabakh) officially is the part of Armenia. there are 7th century churches and infrastructures!!!🙏🇦🇲✊

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    Armenia and Artsakh are the gates to Europe. If you let Terrorists destroy it, you will have them at your home. The Terrorism now has a new Face, it is Erdogan and new name Turan. They are not only in now Artsakh, but they are also now in Russia and in Greece and in Cyprus and in Syria and in Lybia and .. what is the next?
    If you think they are not in US, see this:

    Act now, #stopturkeyandazerbajan

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    Muslims trying Europe from Kosovo, Albania and Cypr and now from Armenia. 50 years ago Middle East was half Christian

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    Stop Azerbaijani aggression! Stop terrorizm!

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    Md. Tunazzin-Ul-Arefin

    I condemn the attack on Religious places and on civilians. But BBC is doing yellow journalism here, showing only the damage of Armenia. First of all, the land for which the war took place belongs to Azerbaijan. And in this war, Armenia has also attacked Azerbaijan's Ganja city. Civilians died there. Why doesn't BBC cover those stories? This is pure yellow journalism.

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    It’s really a shame on humanity to have war in the 21th century, especially in the time of coronavirus. And it’s obvious that Azarbajan don’t let Armenians to live in their historical lands! Stop the aggression and let people live in the peace!

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    Quit saying its recognized by the world as part of Azerbaijan, it clearly should be part of armenia

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    Ovsanna Keshishyan

    Artsakh Strong ♥️
    #StopAzerbaijaniAggression #StopTurkey

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    05:09 ''By both Armenian and Azerbaijani forces'' – you so wrong for saying this….its need to be written ''by Azerbaijani forces'' they not kept ceasefire 🙁

    Thank You

    #recognizeArtsakh #StopAzerbaijanAgression #StopTurkishAgression

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    Muhammad Nazir Muhammad Yaqoob

    shame full move by b b c this is not religus war shame on b b c

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    The war started by azerbaijani army, in support of turkey's government is a disaster for whole world, not only for Armenians. However don't be blind, speak up. #stopazerbaijaniagression, #SanctionTurkey

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    Dear BBC How can you say ceasefire was broken by both sides. I appreciate the fact you are trying to be fair and it's difficult to not be confused when Azerbaijan repeats, mirrors what Armenia says about them, but if you want to be fair, please explain me how can the tiny country with 3mln population afford to start a war against 2 giant oil-rich countries with 10mln +80mln. We don't have the weapons they have, we don't have millions people we can afford to lose, we don't need this war. Unless you've done a deal with Azerbaijan and Turkey, how can you say "both sides", enough is enough, stop being a fence sitter. Do we hit their mosques? Do we turn their mosqoes into churches? We have a beautiful mosque in Yerevan, please visit and see how we take care of it. It might not be a religion war for armenians, but it is for them. I'm sure they won't calm down after taking Artsakh. As Erdoghan already mentioned in his speech "I'm going to finish what my grandparents started 100 years ago", meaning the armenian. Please explain me why the world is silent, why is the world closing it's eyes,did they bribe you all? Yes I'm screaming now, as no one hears us, my heart is broken and my eyes are tired of crying. Why is this happening?

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    Artsakh is strong. All Armenians will overcome this too! Artsakh is and always will be Armenia🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

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    Armenia fights alone against terrorism.

  46. Avatar

    BBC is such a hypocritical news channel. Why you not talking about armenians targeting civilians. Just 2 days ago they hit the second biggest city in Azerbaijan. You only picking things to show people like any other media organizations. Showing Armenians like victims. Not mentioning about who started the war and who is bombing the civilians.

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