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'Murder hornets' nest found and destroyed in US

The first nest of so-called murder hornets discovered in the US was destroyed in Washington state on Saturday. The nest, found in the city of Blaine near the Canadian border, was about the size of a basketball and contained an estimated 100 to 200 hornets. Asian giant hornets can deliver painful stings and spit venom but are the biggest threat to the honeybees farmers depend on to pollinate crops.
Crews wearing thick protective suits vacuumed the invasive insects from the cavity of a tree into large canisters. Officials suspect more nests may be in the area and will keep searching
Washington state crews destroy first US murder hornet nest

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    Mm, isn't this a bruh moment for the US

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    Honey bee Warrior

    Thank you for covering the story

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    First the woohan virus now Giant asian hornets. What a year.

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    Did they test for covid19 vaccine first. 😛

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    The year that keeps on giving.

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    I saw a hornet a few days ago (wales uk) and look virturlly identicle to these, i couldnt say if its the same species of hornet but was about 5 cm long, it was dying on the floor so grabbed it with tissue and threw it in the fire

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    The warning at start how pathetic

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    Satya Richburg Ju

    Rodan and Godzilla has been spotted in the Pacific Ocean, is expected to reach U.S shores in a week.Happy Helloween.

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    An allegory of what's to come for all invasive species. Thanks Guardian.

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    They're here to end honey bees, which will end agriculture.

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    We need more lockdowns

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    Those horny's had a right to live be free and fly

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