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MPs respond to Dominic Cummings lockdown breach

The Prime Minister’s top aide Dominic Cummings has denied that he broke the lockdown rules when he drove more than 250 miles to his parents’ home at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many cabinet members have supported Mr Cummings’ decision to break lockdown, with Rishi Sunak MP among those who described the act as ‘reasonable’.

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  1. Avatar

    Deluded, if they think that they can come up with these excuses for utter idiocy. Reminds me of the people who where gathering in the masses in parks last weekend.

  2. Avatar

    Beyond reproach is the problem here and always will be

  3. Avatar
    John Churchill

    WAKE UP!
    The 2m rule wasn't created for the hell of it.
    36K+ in the UK, so far, have lost their lives.
    Just watch the video. The press photographers. Beggars belief.

  4. Avatar

    Don't be surprised when people ignore the governments "advice" to not travel to visit beaches during the bank holiday

  5. Avatar

    The USA have started check out Hr-6666

  6. Avatar

    he wants to go away the idiot

  7. Avatar

    Just goes to show they don’t believe their own nonsense about a lockdown.

  8. Avatar

    he Knows its a hoax thats why he does not care

  9. Avatar

    Everyone else that breaks lockdown is irresponsible and putting others at risk, when it's one of their buddies it's no big deal and he has the prime minister's full support. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  10. Avatar
    coop & JJ the dog

    The people who aren't clapping on a Thursday night are not controlled by the government this is a worrying fact for them

  11. Avatar

    Damn he can move well for someone sick…

  12. Avatar

    Nice range rover

  13. Avatar

    So a man went home to see his Mum. Many other people have done this, but because he is in government we need his resignation. The news is all about covid at the moment and I wish we were already at the point where it's all over. But it's not. So let's go after any government mp who could be flaunting the law. For god sake grow up and leave everyone alone. The uk press is going to have to answer to many nuisance reports when we get back to some kind of normality here.

  14. Avatar
    Alex 物の哀れ

    People were singing this bellends praises a few months back when bad news boris first got him on board. 😂

  15. Avatar

    So if he had stayed home and became sick and was to sick to look after his daughter and then she suffered would that he ok?

  16. Avatar
    Cutland Springs

    Get a grip, scumbags. I hate this clown more than most, but this is a lot of fuss about nothing, orchestrated by a media desperate for vengeance, attention and revenue. Durham police report this guy was as harassed by them as anyone else would have been given the circumstances, probably more so given his public profile. All this talk of double standards is based on anecdotal evidence; there's plenty of evidence to suggest that lockdown penalties have been issued only rarely and in tandem with the application of common sense. 14,000 lockdown penalties issued up to May 15th, with 865 repeat offenders. With an adult (over 18) population of some 53 million, that's a fine rate of some 0.0002%.

    I can guarantee that every single person reading this has broken lockdown regulations, probably repeatedly, and faced no fine or repercussions of any sort.

  17. Avatar

    The opposition have not been there to support people throughout this crisis period and now they are all ganging up against this man.Those who have wanted him to be sacked long before this are waiting anxiously. Look at those journalists, they broke the rules by standing next to him and his family.
    What has become of this society.
    We have become like wolves waiting to bounce on others.
    I am very saddened by the opposition and the media for driving others to extreme positions as they did to the Scottish scientist who was made to reign because she visited her family. Shame on those who live by bullying others. We should all remember that this is mental health week . We need to show kindness and tolerance
    Dominic do not resign because of bullies.

  18. Avatar
    Eat rich people Eat rich people

    He needs a good old fashioned lynching. Instead he'll get police protection.

  19. Avatar
    Thecompleted Luigitwat

    legal and resonable to go outside..

  20. Avatar
    Homer j Simpson

    Doubt anything will cum of this

  21. Avatar

    embarrassing..to see govt squirming to back him up after banging on about lockdown and clapping with us 'plebs'..who's in charge?

  22. Avatar

    Arrogant small wimpy excuse for a man … his mum and dad were probably sister and brother

  23. Avatar

    They literally break their own rules and applaud themselves for it
    i don't even know whats happening anymore…
    i don't even know if 1984 is coming or if it's already here…
    i'm losing my mind.

  24. Avatar

    anti Brexit, thats all. Cant let it go……

  25. Avatar

    Well I think he should go so he doesn't know my mind.

  26. Avatar

    SO WHAT? Who cares? Is this journalism? Is there nothing else to be broadcasting? It’s a flipping joke.

  27. Avatar

    I don't live in Durham but in Newcastle a few miles north. He can stay down south if hes being like that.

  28. Avatar

    Nice to see sky news being unbias…..

  29. Avatar

    the government made a complete disaster of the whole coronavirus business

  30. Avatar

    "Wag the mufckng Dog"

  31. Avatar

    And here I am, being pulled over at 3am for driving around my area for fresh air.

  32. Avatar

    NOthing here have common sense in this mainstream media lie exepct that pandemic was planned to ruin peoples lifes.

  33. Avatar

    liars frauds and couldnt care less

  34. Avatar
    Outspoken-from Ibiza

    The c**t that needs shooting is Gordon Ramsay… who the hell sis he think he was taking his skanky family to Cornwall, England from Lindon in April then lie and say he had been there all along!! Then proceeded to drive round the area in his 4×4 having family trios out!! Makes me puke

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