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Mother, 9-year-old daughter stuck in legal limbo since 2017 border separation

María Reynoso her 9-year-old daughter Adelaida were one of the first migrant families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2017, long before the Trump administration acknowledged the practice. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Nice video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

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    They have cell phones …guatamala looks nice….florida is overrated

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    If King trumpy continues in power, there will be a mass voluntary exodus.

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    What did these illegal aliens expect? A welcoming committee and freebies? Come to the US legally or endure the consequences! We have laws here! One can only blame the parents for situations like this. Legal immigration is available.

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    In any country with decent moral values and a fair amount of self-respect there would have been a general uprise to get rid of the complete administration. Not so in the USA, which has the most stupid and dim-witted population in the world.

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    Remember John Kelly's role & lies about separation of families & putting kids in cages, deporting their parents, the physical & emotional terror he exposed these kids to. He gave a milquetoast rebuke of the prez: don't let him rehabilitate his image. He committed & helped cover up crimes against humanity.

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    Notice how "poor" people in Guatemala have the latest cell phones , I pads etc.

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    Washington post are known liars. Why do you guys trust this?

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    Shouldn't have decided to be a border jumper and break American Law The Washington Post needs to stop pandering to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

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    People dying from Caronavirus and your whining.

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    I don't understand the border is pourest. You can walk through one of thr thousands of openings.

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