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Most states easing restrictions for coronavirus

America has taken slow steps to move toward reopening the country after businesses were shut down.

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    One Wheel Appeal


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    Let them die.. morons also, drink Bleach it'll make sure you don't get the virus..

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    Reopen every state and county now. Illegitimate government overreach.

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    Wish they would stop this whole b.s virus I mean covic 19. 😒

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    flu is way worse, 600,000 worldwide die every flu season (4 or 5 or 6 months/wintry colder months), and no this covid hasn't only been a "few" months, it started worldwide in December, we're now in mid-May, that's 5+ months, and .. allegedly "300,000" deaths worldwide – covid doesn't even come close to the flu, even with their fudged and fluffed numbers…

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    Thanks to coronavirus, I lost all my gains. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    I don't care what anyone says, I'm not going out anywhere until I've been vaccinated.

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    Why have we done nothing but let them take away our Rights? The Right to make a living? The Right to assemble? The Right to provide for our family? The Right to choose for ourselves? The Right to even think for ourselves? Why have WE given them such power when the power lies with us? Madness, sheer madness. p.s. What happens next time?

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    Excellent news. Open up the Maga Trump economy.. Trump 2020 landslide victory ✌️ 🇺🇸. Biden is bowing to the Chinese CCP party.

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    Next 10 years will be scary

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    I am getting ready for the Kentucky Derby.

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    China has a pretty strong drag team to deal with the China Virus https://youtu.be/rKek0Y30Ctw

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    a bar opened in my town,ill refuse to go in with the coronavirus epicenter at a elderly care center outside of town,i looked in the window ppl acting…"what virus" no masks no 6 ft distancing

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    Getting it done

    I thought it was BS from the start but here in Texas it is spiking, the virus is still alive and well, people need to heed the warnings and keep a distance!

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    So people want to reopen not for work but for going on fucking picnic! !!!

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    There should be no legal restrictions, we cannot afford it. Better to be wealthy and sick than poor and sick.

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    F*ck the government 🙂

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    christopher Barham

    Well I am glade other states, meanwhile in Oregon my governor and the sheep that follow her are still allowing bullshit.

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    I hate how the news think this is gonna last forever. things are gonna get back to normal whether you like it for not

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    Lifting restrictions!?!?! We’re all gonna die!!!!!!!!!! Stay home and lock your doors the virus is going to kill us, all of us. Oh nooooooooo

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    "I know where I'll be Memorial Day weekend! Woohoo." – COVID-19

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    Kateline Carrasco

    Feel like a little too soon to be honest, we should learn how to adapt and make a legit plan , before being thrown back in the ballgame. Especially considering that many are at risk. Although there is a very little chance of the corona virus being deadly, I’d rather know that I’m not putting anyone in danger or making it their last month on earth.

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    There really is an issue with factories and warehouses here more so than other places, I don't understand why they can't figure out a way to protect their workers better, but I do hope they're paying hazard pay.

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    Predatory Mistress

    😘 👍 🙌

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    How corona virus effect us ?

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