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More than 100 arrested after massive looting in Chicago | WNT

At least 400 Chicago police officers struggled to contain looting that erupted after allegedly false information about a police-involved shooting on Sunday.




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    Silvia McAllister

    All those idiots are breathing very well.

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    Thank you to the líderes. Democrats for sure. Defund police and now deal with this. Defund Mayor and Governor

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    So, Detroit, Chicago and Africa, which one u think is the worst?

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    Are they BLM?..or NO LIFE matter? OK… I'm good then… they're just Protesting… we're all wearing PANTIES… might as well slapped on Maxi pads too…

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    The whole world is watching and they just don't give a damn…

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    Gordon Thomas BAILEY

    No wonder White people have apprehension when they see these thugs in the good, door I meant fear. Don Kings twin lightfoot speaks too little too late

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    This is just the beginning if we don't elect a leader with some common sense to put the country back on track!

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    Chicago's a dump…..everyone on video will be arrested!! Cook County jail is the worst in the nation….leave 'em in there for a year or so…I'll donate more taxes to pay for boloni sandwiches!

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    Seems like a nice city

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    Maybe it will inspire a new rap song
    "you call me soft, i make you fall hard,snitches get stitches" "with a pow pow i make u bow bow,snitches get stitches" " i stole your bling of that i sing and ill take your bitches snitches get stitches" "if the shooter white , than its rioters delight, if the shooter brown,than it stay a quiet town snitches get stitches" " i pray for some white cop to make the news, i need some shoes and some free booze snitches get stitches" " Black lives Matter,when it gets more food on my platter snitches get stitches" "anything you say can be held against you , a mob dont think ,u get that beatdown quicker than a blink snitches get stitches " " you say realist, I say racist, ill punch you in your face and put you in your places snitches get stitches"" who shot em?, why im a good democrat, it was a white guy in a trump hat,snitches get stitches"

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    Living in an a material world

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    I'm all for protest
    But I hate a thief

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    Oh really you guys are tired of it all the sudden in your city now wow you should have been tired of it like 10 weeks ago

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    Start shooting them and watch how fast it stops.

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    These aren't protesters, these are opportunists. The First Amendment gives you an unalienable right to gather peacefully and petition the government for a redress of grievances. That was NOT what this was about. I don't support the Black Lives Matter protests either, but at least they were conveying a MESSAGE. These are violent rioters and scum who deserve to be put behind bars for the rest of their miserable lives.

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    That is ashame. Go get em mayor.

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    @1:24 is that a dude? someone said that's a dude. this querbag luciferian breakaway culture and their crossdressing. You never know if when you look at one of them if they are crossdressing as the other sex. I tend just to not look at any of them anymore. I avert my eyes.

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    He is a seminal inseminator screwing our nation with toxic sperm that will destroy us with his lies and conspiracy disinformation.

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    And they want to defund the police lol

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    A beautiful sight to behold 👏👏👏

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    Stupid idiots

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    They raised the bridges to protect their businesses….hmmm I thought only Republicans believed in walls and isolation.

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    I’m just going to say my piece and leave it at that it doesn’t matter what your race/color religion gender or sexuality is the only important thing is that you’re a human being i’m going to list my personal opinion on the planet right now as a whole 1 Despite 4 million deaths worldwide heck actually even more than that due to the coronavirus people still constantly bicker and attack each other 2It is my personal belief that if humanity had actually learned to respect each other by now We would be able to solve far more important issues We would be able to cure incurable diseases learn how to create new advanced technologies to help better our lives heck we might’ve even been able to explore colonizing other planets. I get that there’s a lot of issues in this world that can’t be easily solved but some days it feels like no one is even trying I’m not saying that I don’t get mad at people heck it’s impossible to go a whole day Without getting irritated by something or someone but we could at least try to Respect one another’s opinions after all humanity is capable of so many wonderful things with cure diseases gone to the Moon explored far beyond our own galaxy using a telescope even found amazing places here on our own planet if we’re capable of all of that we should very well be capable of learning to live with one another that’s all I have to say if anyone listens to this all I can say is thank you.

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