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More ash spews from Taal volcano south of Manila | LIVE

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    Message of GOD to ALL Filipinos!

    I know 87% of the filipinos are supporters of the President. Politics aside . From the religious point of view it is clear GOD is speaking to us filipinos through the natural calamities (earthquakes, drought, volcanic eruptions), diseases(dengue, new strain of polio, etc.,), and job displacements that the middle east war may bring. The frequency and timing of the disasters are extraordinary or supernatural.

    I am not a religious fanatic or a person with an unsound mind but GOD is speaking to me in my dreams and in my conscious world that HE is very displeased and angered with how our president mocked HIM and made fun of HIM and HIS teachings. Some of our fellow filipinos laughs with him.

    How he (Duterte) used conferences, events, and even religious ceremonies to mock GOD, to call HIM stupid, to challenge anybody if anybody can prove the existence of GOD or JESUS, to question the truthfulness of the stories in the Bible. Many of these are documented and have video footages so you can easily verify.

    Just two days ago in our newspapers Duterte again vented his anger on the Catholic Church without any provocation. Bragging and boasting finally he was able to silence them by continually bulshitting them, tuloy tuloy na pagmumura ng putangina sa lahat ng kaparian, and shaming them for their misdeeds. What is puzzling he spoke this in a Baptist Celebration. This is one of his agenda to destroy the Catholic Church as he publicly declared. His intention for this is to divide and conquer all Christians. To eventually wipeout Christianity in our country.

    GOD is very clear in the HOLY SCRIPTURE that HE is not to be mocked! I agree we are in the last pages of the Bible. Everything is being fulfilled according to the prophecy! But still GOD has a choice whom HE blesses and whom HE punishes in this LAST DAYS.GOD gave us the FREE WILL what role will we play. Will we play the role of being indifferent, insensitive, and supportive of the Man who mocks and shames HIM and HIS Church or or will we play the role of a person who is on GOD side by letting everybody knows our President's BLASPHEMIES should stop once and for all and let our president know that he (Duterte) should lead all filipinos in a National Day of Repentance and Prayer! Like what the King of Nineveh did in the Old Testament.

    We should not be blinded by our President's sympathy for the suffering and less fortunate filipinos. He is doing this not for the Glory of GOD.Never in an interview or video footages did he clearly said that what he has done or accomplished is with GOD's help or for the glory of our ALMIGHTY. The Holy Scripture said that even Satan can make himself appear as an Angel of Light!

    Now to address the Question of all Filipinos What is Happening in our Country? My answer is the spate of Calamities, deadly diseases, bad economic turnaround, world war 3 suffering threats are GOD's way of saying to our President " You declared to the whole world that you are clever, madiskarte and I AM stupid. Now I AM giving you the chance to prove that. SOLVE ALL THESE PROBLEMS!

    GOD loves us so much! He even gave us HIS only begotten SON JESUS CHRIST to save us! But HE also gave us the Free Will! So its up to us to choose!

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