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Moment pro-abortion protesters target Catholic churches across Poland

Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal ruled in favor of a near-total ban on abortions last week, leading to four straight days of protests. Sunday saw demonstrations targeting churches in the Catholic EU country, in a country which already had some of Europe’s toughest abortion laws. Demonstrators chanted ‘we’ve had enough!’ and ‘barbarians’ inside a church in the western city of Poznan while protesters were forcible removed from outside a church in Warsaw. Thousands were seen facing off with police outside the Christ the King Archcathedral in Katowice, southern Poland, while thousands more gathered in front of Krakow’s Archbishop’s Palace.

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  1. Avatar
    Сергей Пилипчук


  2. Avatar

    Not a single store was looted or burned when making this video.

  3. Avatar

    If you do not leave our churches alone this well end very bdly for you. Bolshevism will be pacified severely. You've crossed the rubicon.

  4. Avatar

    Ci młodzi ludzie nie myślą co będzie za 50 lat kiedy będą starzy. Kto zapracuje na ich emerytury emrytury. będa mieli jedno wyjście EUTANAZJA w wieku 65l

  5. Avatar

    Why are these killers blaming the church?!

  6. Avatar

    Its pronounced Satanists

  7. Avatar

    Polska…don't let what happened to England happen to YOU.

  8. Avatar

    Twisting words as usual…
    According to new bill you must give birth if pregnancy is due to rape, and even if baby is DEAD already. You must give birth no matter what…. seriously!!

  9. Avatar

    These commie lunatics are going after the churches already. Wow.

  10. Avatar

    Again these people who destroy the lives of the unborn, who have no clue of bioethics, or the right that every human has a right to life itself, practice their public tantrums and anti democratic actions.
    Most likely the first time any of these life-censors were ever inside a church.
    Shame on you, for your mission of genocide towards the unborn.

  11. Avatar

    oh look, pro mass murder protesting

  12. Avatar

    The irony of all this is on one hand it's fine for someone who made poor life choices to do whatever they want.
    Yet there is still people who can't have children…
    Not only that but design a baby clinics etc.
    I'm glad Poland has taken this approach, it means that only vital life threatening or in critically damaged condition can be aborted.
    It is not a form of contraception.
    Accidents happen we all understand that, but if you are mature enough to go do the fandango tango then you should understand the consequences of what follows and be mature enough to take responsibility for the actions.
    This is not covering innocent cases of pregnancy.
    Lack of termination for these cases should be followed up by making the person responsible for their actions pay for child costs and welfare…

  13. Avatar

    Yeh let's all clap at the killing of babies,
    Sick people

  14. Avatar

    Feminists and freaks

  15. Avatar

    Look at how far we have gotten in western Europe with this degeneracy a warning to the east look at London malmo Paris hellholes

  16. Avatar

    The mos

    Killers of the innocent

  17. Avatar

    Vegan Baby Killers

  18. Avatar

    Imagine having the absolute lack of self-reflection to simultaneously claim to care about peoples lives, and protesting to kill them.
    At least they've dropped the "pro-choice" name now and just told everyone what they really are, pro-abortion.

  19. Avatar

    Abortion is murder

  20. Avatar

    Just like their Bolshevik forebears.

  21. Avatar

    If you don't want to have a child, sterilise yourself and do us all a favour

  22. Avatar

    The news shows a big group of people…all I see is a whole lot of murder supporting crazy people. F**king loonies all of them.

  23. Avatar

    Congrats on the polish government for making it illegal to abort a baby even if it's going to be still born.
    10/10 deny logic to own libs.

  24. Avatar

    Protest the government
    Not the church

  25. Avatar

    Child sacrifier's.
    But they dont realize thats what they are doing.
    They sacrifice babys so they can have more money and personal freedom.
    Child sacrifice to themselves.

  26. Avatar

    Why are they targeting a church?
    I'm not particularly a fan of Catholicism, but what does this have to do with the government's decision to outlaw a form of abortion.
    Surely, their anger should be directed at the legislative body of government.
    I've heard Polish people are quite devoutly Catholic. Targeting a church isn't going to look favourably upon their pro-abortion movement.

  27. Avatar
    Choose your Future

    Imagine walking into a holy place to protest your right to murder children…Even if Hollyweird came up with that as a concept for a film it would just get thrown out as just too satanic.

  28. Avatar

    Do they really hate condoms this much or do they hate humans? I can't tell.

  29. Avatar

    Why do 90% of Polish dudes have shaved hair

  30. Avatar

    Football fans protected churches from these commies today 🙂

  31. Avatar

    Moment pro-Communist protesters target Catholic churches across Poland. Even though they ent Polish to begin with.

  32. Avatar

    Absolutely appalling…. barbarians at the gate… but they will pay the ultimate price on judgement day… so not really worried about their crazy behaviour..

  33. Avatar

    If they kill a baby today, will not be that hard to kill an adult also !

  34. Avatar
    Hubert Floriańczyk

    I'm currently in Scotland and it's terrible seeing other expats supporting the slaughter of children. Please pray for my country. Do it at least one time, even if you're not religious, but believe in the right of every human to live.

  35. Avatar

    Imagine fightng to murder babies.

  36. Avatar

    Caught on cam


  37. Avatar

    Burn every church to the ground they are bathed in blood and ignorance

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