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Mnuchin weighs in on reaching an informal deal with Pelosi to avoid shut down

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin joins Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier with insight on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

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  1. Avatar

    Mnuchin is brillant.

  2. Avatar
    Rahn Lloyd Iliscupidez

    Democrats Creates Fake News and Chaos Trying to Remove the Powers of Pres Trump this a Democrats Legacy Using Fake News and Mainstream Medias to thier Own Agenda

  3. Avatar

    No more government cheese. Rats!

  4. Avatar
    Rahn Lloyd Iliscupidez

    CNN MSNBC CBS are Using by the Democrats to Create False Accusations against Pres Trump but the Truth is the Militaries and the Police is Supported of Pres Trump

  5. Avatar

    Is Brett turning socialist?

  6. Avatar

    Where is money for Americans, we still have to eat.

  7. Avatar

    Who the hell is bleaching bidens hair lol he needs some toner it looks yellow

  8. Avatar

    why can't mitch mcconnel block all this simulus spending the way he blocked spending when obama tried it? God bless

  9. Avatar

    We dont need a stimulus

  10. Avatar

    Trump is a lying, cheating, thieving criminal. And just a horrible, disgraceful loser. Do you get it yet, you stupid cult sheep?

  11. Avatar

    Cancel cancel culture. Get out & Support Small Business & Made In the USA

  12. Avatar

    Pelosi’s original 2nd stimulate bill had major gun control and marijuana Allowances. Thank god they didn’t pass it. What do these things have to do with Covid?

  13. Avatar

    I don’t Trust the UN, I went to their webpage and it seemed to me they want socialism.

  14. Avatar
    Captain Kell Walker

    I have listened too hundreds of the President's speeches' and I have never seen or heard the same syntax in his alleged comments about the WW2 veterans. And, who is the S.O.B. who quivers in the corner like a rat and afraid to put his name to his words @ deeds.

  15. Avatar

    “Trump held a meeting at Trump Tower with prominent evangelical leaders, where they laid their hands on him in prayer. Afterward, Trump allegedly said: ‘Can you believe that bulls–t? Can you believe people believe that bulls–t?’” – Michael Cohen

  16. Avatar

    Glad your head count Dracula back on. If you could boil all the problems of the country down to one person. This guy might just be it

  17. Avatar
    Yellow RoseOfTexas

    < < < > > > A B S O L U T E L Y N O [D] B.A.I.L.O.U.T.S. < < < > > >
    She needs to be FIRE her husband works for the paper that published the lie. The anonymous military staff Whose name is known. Was criticized by obama & trump and was FIRED. Both the reporter & ex-staff had a VERY LARGE BONE TO PICK with TRUMP. Boom.boom.boom.

  18. Avatar

    While sleepy demented Joe Biden is hiding in his cellar you see in all cities and states governed by the Democrats how riots and violence spread. If you want law and order and peace – vote Trump! If the weak demented 78-year old Joe Biden wins the election you are only a heartattack away to get a black left-radical woman as president!!

  19. Avatar


    Also, this guest is one of few who don't appear to be reading.

  20. Avatar

    All I have to say is if the GOVERMENT SHUTS down then the politicians shouldn't get paid either,

  21. Avatar

    Veterans United will not support Donald Trump this share he is unfit to lead and a danger to the United States of America

  22. Avatar

    It’s either you are for Trump or a turn coat

  23. Avatar

    The reporter should be fired. In face all these fake news channels should be taken off the air. They have proven themselves to be an enemy of the people.

  24. Avatar

    The president has signed many hard working people around him. He's tireless.
    Joe biden invents negativity from nowhere. He's so sleazy

  25. Avatar

    Red Elephant's Revenge / Youtube !

  26. Avatar

    Let there be 10 millions dirhams with Michael Coelho 😁

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