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Mnuchin: Democrats are holding up benefits to hardworking Americans

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin joins Chris Wallace on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

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  1. Avatar

    Xi is an empire who actually owes no single real vote. He becomes the core of CCP because of his temptation and intimidation to Chinese people . When his anti-human nature is unprofitable and fearless , almost everyone wants to fight against him. Once hundreds of nuclear bombs and thousands kinds of viruses were anti-communist, Xi's original intention' dream could be completely broken. My PC was hacked. Old episodes are in my channel pls press my image.

  2. Avatar

    Sounds like Dems are being Dems blowing smoke

  3. Avatar

    Christ is a complete inept fool – he hates any real success – he doesn’t have to worry he has a million plus a year hack job – I love to debate him such a fool

  4. Avatar

    The fed is supposed to be neutral and separate and yet this fella is all over news

  5. Avatar
    radical patriot 1

    Chris Wallace is a tool

  6. Avatar

    Hyperinflation soon

  7. Avatar

    we can blame the Democrats for not wanting to settle and get money to the American people that is sad at least the Republicans and our president the good boss we have is a president is trying to do something now Democrats are threatening to take it to court and hold it up look how sorry they are being

  8. Avatar

    Money printer go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi
    1236 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    phone: (202) 225-4965
    hours: M-F 9-5:30pm
    Beginning tomorrow call her office, we need to blow her phone up. To be fair I will post republican contact as well. Lets bug them. What does ANTIFA shout? We have to make their lives uncomfortable. Ok. I'm gonna robocall the heck outta offices tomorrow!

  10. Avatar

    You are awful Steven your going to hell!

  11. Avatar

    End the fed

  12. Avatar

    Get wallace off of fox and send his anti american self to CNN where he belongs with the rest of the treasonous morons. All he does is lie for the far left and put a spin on everything to make Trump look bad. What a pathetic clown. Trump 2020!!!

  13. Avatar

    Wallace you're a hack and I'm sure its because you're in bed with the deep state P E D O S !!!! Retire before you're humiliated in public for your wrong doings…..

  14. Avatar

    chris you should understand the job down is due to democratic effect they did not put america first they do not want people to working they want diestroy america economy

  15. Avatar
    Michael Oppenheimer

    Chris Wallace is a socialists, just like the rest of the news media

  16. Avatar

    Next year, a new communist president of Cuba takes over. Biden and him would be best friends.

  17. Avatar

    Republicans are the problem

  18. Avatar

    How long b4 we see the $400

  19. Avatar
    Liberty’s Right OnConstitutionalRights

    The public is not on chuck Schumer’s side. Chris Wallace is a democrat who hates republicans why the hell is he in Fox’s News?

  20. Avatar

    DEMONRATS=buying votes! What's new!

  21. Avatar

    pelosi sucks

  22. Avatar

    Democrats always lying 🤥 Christ Wallace only believe wat Democrats said. Vote republican if you want to be free.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌️

  23. Avatar

    Mnuchin nailed it!
    I liked Chris Wallace better when he had testicles. "B-B-B-But Mr. Secretary." "W-W-W-What about what the democrats said?"

  24. Avatar

    Chris doesn't go after crazy Nancy the same way…

  25. Avatar

    We never got the first payment and they’re talking about a second one? My wife and I were both working when all of this went down? WTH?

  26. Avatar

    The American people need the 600! We are working class Americans that lost our jobs due to this pandemic !’

  27. Avatar
    Randall Anderson

    And what do those of us who worked for decades and now live on nothing but SSi get? NIOTHING.

  28. Avatar

    Pelosi is all about enriching her broke Democratic states that they want to use for their political Election machine not the working class public

  29. Avatar

    The money should be restricted to American businesses, American Products, and American financial institutions, similar to how Food Stamps are restricted to certain food stuffs.

  30. Avatar

    Wish I could listen to Mnuchin. I cannot stomach Wallace. Bye.

  31. Avatar
    Cindi McCullough

    The Democrats have always been about their agenda. they do not care about the US and all of the citizens. wake up America we have a fight on our hands and I’m not giving up.

  32. Avatar

    Demo wants 600 repu dont thats want really holding this up demo will not budge WHOO BALLS ARE BIGGER

  33. Avatar

    If the Republicans would have started negotiations back in April when the Democrats had a plan we wouldn't be waiting.

  34. Avatar

    so chris wallace is a democrat and now im wondering is he kin to bubba why is it they have not actually talked to some of the people who are drawing this unemployment and how about the people who lost jobs and could not get unemployment because they had not worked at job long enough or the job they had threw some loop hole does not pay in unemployment insurance on their employees the president is trying to help people and Chris seems to be a thorn in the peoples side look at the dislike number those people paid attention to what he was actually pushing with his questions the word is
    simple WAKE UP AMERICA

  35. Avatar


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