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MMA: Russia's Extreme Obsession | 101 East

On a Sunday morning in suburban Moscow, a crowd is gathering around a ring.

Fans have come to watch fighters punch, kick and knee their opponents in the brutal sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Across Russia and the former USSR, millions share a passion for this extreme sport, with superstar fighters earning a fortune and inspiring a new generation. But critics say political leaders are using the sport to promote their own interests.

101 East goes inside the violent world of MMA, from backstreet brawls where amateurs take their early knocks, all the way to the top of Russian society.

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    The land of warriors….. Dagistan

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    * Happy mother ruski noises *

  3. Avatar

    What a bullsh*t ))) I'm from Russia, yes, in some areas (e.g. Kaukas mountains) this is an obsession, but this is just tiny area dwelled mostly by the aggressive by nature people, before MMA they were obsessed with wrestling and other martial arts. MMA not an obsession for Russia in general ))) this is a complete bull***

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