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Mitch McConnell: Spirit of bipartisanism around COVID relief has disappeared

Senate Majority Leader joins ‘Special Report’ to discuss 2020 vote, Supreme Court confirmation process. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Trump, who called COVID-19 a 'hoax 🤥

  2. Avatar

    Dear Fox News, condolences to you, the proud boys, the Neon Nazis, the Klan and all white supremacists nation wide. Corona to the rescue.

  3. Avatar
    Blackstone Music

    Bleach it up baby!

  4. Avatar

    Spirit of bipartisan has disappeared.because the republican party enables donald j trump to cheat and break the law. Mitch mcconnell is a pathetic fake human being who rolls his opinion according to what power grab is currently available. It's hard to believe these people exist.

  5. Avatar

    Arrest this criminal

  6. Avatar

    Most of the media in Taiwan are now eroded, whether it is anti-CCP or non-anti-CCP media, do you think the Taiwan government is really anti-CCP? I don’t think the U.S. is really anti-CCP. Is the CCP? I seem to have a much lower strength against the Soviet regime in the past. My view is that the world does not seem to be truly anti-CCP. Otherwise, the WTO will not still grant China MFN status, and the Pope will not be because of China. Factors do not want to see the U.S. Secretary of State Pompio. The world continues to fake anti-communism like this. Not only will China become the world's largest economy, but China will also become a world superpower that surpasses the United States.

  7. Avatar

    when is Mitch gonna catch covid

  8. Avatar

    Will you denounce your husbands employer???
    Did you think Americans would not find out???

  9. Avatar

    Done. With. Fox. News.

  10. Avatar

    If you don't sign this bill I will not vote for you.

  11. Avatar

    Mitch McConnell doesn’t care about American citizens

  12. Avatar
    In truth we trust

    Because you want to give the most money to big corporations…
    And not the ppl in need…
    Coal industry for pete´s sake…

  13. Avatar

    Quit telling them to send all that money to the states to cover up for the pitiful State having to spend any money on covet people when in fact they're also getting paid for covet people and our insurance or being built for us being covered people so cool on what Congress and Senate and whatever has to say look it up see how much the states are making per person for

  14. Avatar

    Every other civilized country in the world has been trying to help their people take canada they have been getting 2000$ a month for the last 6 months Germany,Australia, pretty much all the eastern Europeans have been getting taken care of more than we have RIDICULOUS!!!!

  15. Avatar

    Mitch Kentucky is broke just like NY

  16. Avatar

    They had NOTHING on the GOP bill for Americans that aren’t rich. He’s a bastard. Please God I hope he gets his karma.

  17. Avatar

    You can thank the people in Kentucky that keep voting this useless person back into the senate , if he cared even a little bit about this country Trump would have been removed and people would be getting some relief right now. The bills have been in his office for months now but he doesn't care about anyone except him staying in good standing with Trump.

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Democrats have used the corona virus as a political tool since the beginning. They’ve used it to impose draconian rules and laws onto everyone. They’ve also used this whole mask thing to further divide people when they know masks have proven to be ineffective in slowing the spread. Instead of telling everyone that, they put the results in a hard to find CDC report where 95% of the people won’t find or even look for it and when those who do find it try to tell others nobody believes them even when you have them read the report. Government has gotten people so brainwashed that they won’t believe anything unless the media tells them to. Instead they use it to separate the population and to see who are the compliant sheep and they give people false hope into believing that wearing a mask is a shield against the virus and you won’t catch it if you wear one.

  20. Avatar

    Our prayers go out to the President and the first lady 🙏🏿

  21. Avatar
    Dinauste DPainter

    The other campaign person who is a man just stepped down the other day. So now trump has a new strategy. Get people off the debate and make it so that we are sympathetic toward him because he has it like the loved ones who died in your family. He is a liar. He will come out in a few days saying what vaccine he took to get well. You will believe the lie. You will want the vaccine. His friends will get very rich from selling vaccine. The vaccine is a hoax. You will follow him to hell. Why? Because you still believe anything he says even though he lies to you live on TV and then come out the very next day and say he did not say it.

  22. Avatar
    priscilla scutching

    He is a big liar.

  23. Avatar

    This was pre Trumps Dx. Lets see what happens now.

  24. Avatar

    A few months ago people were fighting for delaying Ukrainian aid money, now they can't afford to help American taxpayers 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    For months Trump loyalists have boasted about owning the Libs. Over and over again these loyalists were patting themselves on the back.
    Now that Trump has Covid 19, these same loyalists are expressing shock that some of his critics are being mean to him.
    Hey Trump loyalists, you have no such more ground to stand on. There is an old saying-"be nice to people on the way up because you will see them on the way down"

  27. Avatar

    A half trillion is not nearly enough!! The Senate better pass the Stimulus! The American people and businesses are hurting! C'mon Mitch!

  28. Avatar

    Nancy Pelosi has never met a credit card she didn't like

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