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Missing Fungie: Ireland gripped by mysterious disappearance of beloved dolphin

Ireland has been gripped by the mysterious disappearance of a beloved dolphin.

Fungie, a solitary bottlenose, appeared in County Kerry’s Dingle Harbour in 1983 and never left. He quickly became a major tourism draw in the area, and enchanted generations of foreign tourists and Irish visitors alike.

Now he has suddenly vanished. Local boatmen say he has never previously been gone for more than a few hours in 37 years.

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  1. Avatar

    Oh no. I went to Ireland just to see him.

  2. Avatar

    I thought they "biologists and veterinarians" put GPS to most of the dolphins and whales ect. Shame they couldn't find it maybe he get tired of cold waters and moved to the Caribbean sea😉

  3. Avatar

    I think the losses got them thinking, they're gonna get that money-making machine of a dolphin back hook or crook or shall I say net?

  4. Avatar

    Think he's dead hope never found he's body just let him disappear I was 3 when showed up

  5. Avatar
    Bolshevik Cosmonaut

    I believe the last thing they said was "so long. And thanks for all the fish.".

  6. Avatar

    Fish populations are down , alge is… einstein said "once our oceans die, 4 days later we will be dead".

  7. Avatar

    Corona aids got him

  8. Avatar

    Theyve all gone to england heard theres loads of fish there ha ha ha

  9. Avatar

    Oh dear, another Covid death then??

  10. Avatar

    Fungie has sadly taken his own life

  11. Avatar

    Tom Gazebobob
    Is 5g in operation at that bay?

  12. Avatar

    We love u Fungie

  13. Avatar
    Gash Licker extordinare

    This is old news he was spotted a week or to ago by a local fisherman that regonised his mallet from the distinct scars.

  14. Avatar

    It's been eaten by Shergar.

  15. Avatar

    5 years ago went to paddle in Dingle Bay—not sure but it was always a thing I wanted to do, when I was paddling adolphin appeared a few hundred yards off the shore—I claim it was Fungie watching me paddle—please do not burst my bubble of joy that I have!

  16. Avatar

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  17. Avatar

    He got the virus

  18. Avatar

    Usually people avoid fungi

  19. Avatar

    Maybe it got Covid19

  20. Avatar

    The year gets worse and worse

  21. Avatar

    he left cause there was pics of him smoking crack with hunter biden on his laptop

  22. Avatar

    So much for there been plenty of fish in the sea

  23. Avatar

    It's on lockdown😭No mixing with others🙃

  24. Avatar

    Maybe its in quarantine

  25. Avatar

    Weird video to like but I liked the fact he gave so many people pleasure! Bless him 🙏

  26. Avatar

    Should have fed him from the boats when they go out..

  27. Avatar

    Caught by Chinese fisherman. Or perhaps……..Hitchhiker’s guide to the universe! And thanks for the fish! Maybe fungi is visiting relatives in Florida. Flippers old neighborhood.

  28. Avatar


  29. Avatar

    Could he have been depressed? Someone no human contact when a creature is used to it can cause depression and even death.

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    Lockdown and take a look at this people please

  32. Avatar

    Poor dolphin such sweet lovely creatures 😁 unlike most humans 😡

  33. Avatar

    I hope fungie is ok and still alive we love him so much! 💖

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