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Millions placed under stricter lockdown rules in England as Covid cases soar

From Saturday, millions more people living in England will be placed under high Covid alert. (Subscribe:

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said a steep rise in infections meant more restrictions would be imposed on the whole of Greater London, as well as Essex, parts of Derbyshire, the city of York, the town of Barrow-in-Furness and the district of Elmbridge in Surrey.

But a furious reaction from both Labour and Conservative local politicians forced the government to hold off putting Greater Manchester and Lancashire into the highest level of alert.

The latest UK figures show there have been a further 18,980 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus. The most recent 24-hour death toll is 138, which is very similar to yesterday’s figure, and 4,770 patients were admitted to hospital last week, which is up by 38 per cent on the previous week.

We speak to Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Minister Jonathan Reynolds, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and Dean of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine Dr Alison Pittard.


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    Hasn't it all gone horribly World Economic Forum… ?

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    But Brits love tories. No? 🤣

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    Come on England why are we letting these con artists control us locking down should be a choice this is not up to the government if you want to stay in stay in if you don’t , don’t people take risks everyday but it’s a choice

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    Russian Métropolitan

    Thé tories havé already murdered 80000 UK citizens in the first wave through their incompetence. The second wave is going to bring even more death as a result of the complete incompetence of this government

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    People. The soon we ALL get with the Program, the sooner we ALL can get back to normal.
    Jackarses resisting common sense are dooming us ALL!

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    Must be close all the main places people gathering in group like pups, restaurants and schools……

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    Channel 4 is doing great work, the fact that the government never offers a spokesman to comment is evidence to how good the reporting is

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    Urban-Tec Self-Defence

    What virus, its flu season ffs..

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    Can any one please explain what they mean by cases

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    I’ve noticed that the death rate has dramatically slowed this time around but the starts are only showing the public infection rates but not deaths. If many many deaths have ceased surely that needs to be taken into consideration as to how serious this is, does it seem that we are being told half truths once again?

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    A lot of people know the solution to this, which would be following swedens approach.

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    The only Virus is the government

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    they look like a real load of tory tossers

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    Johnson needs to close the British Countries Borders! Wales is suffering a stupid rush of people entering Wales to escape from Covid. Unfortunately they are bringing cases here. It's now very much becoming a problem here too!

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    "The dickhead strikes again"….

    1. there is no virus
    2. its not killing ppl as there is no virus
    3. the test the crooks are using doesn't pick up what they are telling you
    4. the banks are the winners in all of this
    5. MPs are excused from any punishments
    6. the rules are that confusing they are a bunch of BS

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    The 3 teir system many will die but it won't cost as much

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    4:08 shutup you nonce

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    4:05 ahem.. beg the fat cat's pardon but you might want to think again about that

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    Would he please shave his head if only to project some seriousness

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