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Millions more people in England face strictest coronavirus rules as cases rise – BBC News

Millions more people are living under the highest level of coronavirus restrictions in England as the number of cases continue to rise.

People in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield have joined the other Tier 3 areas, with most of the hospitality industry closed and no household mixing allowed.

Along with Greater Manchester, Lancashire and the City of Liverpool region, which were already living under the strictest rules, it means more than 7 million people in England are living under the highest restrictions.

The mayor of Sheffield has called on the government to explain how the area can exit the Tier 3 restrictions.

Tina Daheley presents BBC News reporting by Fiona Trott.

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    What's the percentage of the U.K. Population now affected? About 0.1%? Any photos of these 'full' hospitals we keep hearing about?

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    Tony 'the phony' Blair

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    (And all the sexbot accounts)

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    Polar bears are 2 metres long 🤔 …something new everyday

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    I don’t believe the stats anymore it’s all a load of crap

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    Yeshua is coming soon. Vacation and the Great Tribulation are imminent. Hear the children of God who have ears to hear and are wise. If left in the great tribulation, the church has no salvation except martyrdom. Most of the churches that do not preach the Second Coming of Jesus will be left behind; stand alone in true worship with God.
    Prepare the churches with repentance and holiness.
    The earth will be judged for man's sins Submit to the love that Yeshua raised us from sin; only Yeshua will save us

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    Helena Monique Clarke

    Meeeeeeerkats!!😝 Outdoors fun, people. You got this. This too shall pass.💯♥️🇬🇧

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    Track and trace ..failure ..
    Vaccine …failure …
    gangstalking evil ..

    Government of uk ..bunch of sick folks …

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    Is COVID a punishment upon mankind

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    It's getting really boring now.


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    Chinese wuhan coronavirus will last for a long time and spread quickly due to lower mortality rates. Either Europe or other continent have such an impact on economy. The selfish WHO and china caused a large number of damage for globalized economy. The damage included innocent people sacrifice.

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    This is just a national lockdown with extra steps

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    The people wants individual rights & don’t believe Coronavirus exists.
    How then, can you control the spread. Not possible. You have the rules but they don’t care a damn.
    It’s a matter of ‘short pain long gain’ to get through the pandemic, but the mindset is the difficult obstacles for them to overcome.

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    Died within 28 days of a positive COVID TEST
    Died because of COVID
    Major difference.

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    lying BBC trash – the number of cases are not rising
    the number of fake positive tests are rising

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    Extent for decads, Communist china hooligans devildom virus killing espionage lobby propaganda lie and bribe manipulation forced steal intellectual property and using trade steal robbery the trillions the trillions dollars and millions employment and destructive American . 47 years nothing where Joe Obama Clinton & BBC News BBC News Vietnamese CNN !

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    Scrap the BBC

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    Why don't they interview normal people? FFS " new normal life" 🖕

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    Ignore these idiotic restrictions there is no scientific evidence they do anything and ons figures so there is a 99+% survival rate

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    You want out? You get untested vaccine. This is their plan.

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    But Blasting Clitoris News or better known as BBC

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    Where I live in California, we've been in a COMPLETE LOCKDOWN since March. So no offense, but it's hard to sympathize for people who just now are sinking back into lockdown. Plus – YOU HAVE THE NHS. All we have is a spare bullet in our revolvers if life gets too tough. So…no offense please if I rosin my bow and play a tongue-in-cheek dirge for the UK. Good luck mates!

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    விடுதலை தாகம்

    சூடு சொரணை மான ரோசம் இனப்பற்றுள்ள தமிழன் இந்த சன்னலை subscribe பண்ணுங்கள் என்று தாழ்மையுடன் பேரன்புடன் அன்பான சர்வாதிகாரத்துடன் கட்டளை இடுகின்றேன். புரட்சி வாழ்த்துக்கள். நன்றி வணக்கம். #விடுதலைதாகம்

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    Fake test 99percent false positive ! Biggest scam in history !

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    Oliver Cromwell would be turning in his grave.


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    Corrupt government period ! We all know this is a scam !

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    Manipulated figures of cases and deaths. Nobody genuinely knows anybody who has it or has died from it. If you can't see through this Convid nonsense then more fool you.

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    Why people just don't want to shut up and wear masks? And use hand gel with 70% of alcohol? This is so easy.

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    To many idiots..

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    The government and media have lost an incredible amount of credibility. I cannot see how they can repair the damage and distrust from here.

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    Major General N'golo Kante


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    BBC must be put on trial for fearmongering. Testing positive for Covid-19 is meaningless and irrelevant.
    These idiots are playing a very dangerous game. We know exactly what is happening. This is an ECONOMIC RESET ushering in ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 5G/6G facial recognition ID2020 surveillance technology and TRANSHUMANISM.
    They plan to exterminate us

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    Also BBC: Theres millions of drops of water in the ocean

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    Scam demic continues

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    Extent for decads, Communist china hooligans devildom virus espionage lobby propaganda lie and bribe manipulation forced steal intellectual property and using trade steal robbery the trillions the trillions dollars and millions employment and millions employment and millions employment and destructive American . 47 years nothing where Joe Obama Clinton Hilary & fake news BBC News BBC News Vietnamese CNN !

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    -What is that noise outside, John?
    -Protesters, sir.
    -What are they protesting for, John?
    -For freedom, sir.
    -And is someone trying to lock them down, John?
    -No, sir. They are free to protest as I can see with my very eyes, sir.
    -So why are they ptotesting, John?
    -Protesters, sir, they are protesters!

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    And the bbc love it.

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    Behold!! A virus of which 99% of people who are infected are asymptotic, and of which 99.7% of all cases go away on their own.

    Imagine being so without a clue that you actually believe that this was worth closing the economy for, and that you actually believe that a vaccine is coming. Yo hit me up, I’ve got a bridge to sell you!

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    It's really too bad most people aren't good at math. If they were, they would see how laughable this pandemic really is. It seems like when large numbers are put on the screen it terrifies most people. Let's look a little closer.
    223,000 ÷ 8.4 million x 100 = 2.6%

    That means if YOU GET the Coronavirus, and we don't even know how many people have gotten it yet, then you only have a 2.6% chance of dying. That means you have a 97.4% (most likely greater) chance of SURVIVAL!!!!! Remember, that's the survival rate if you actually GET THE VIRUS. For the general population, the death rate is only .06%. That means Almost 100% of the u.s. population are not at risk of dying from Coronavirus!

    I will take those odds any day! It's not as scary as we're being led to believe!

    Maybe we should be concerned about the 650,000 people every year that die from heart disease. According to the CDC, of the three million cases every year, 650,000 die from this disease. That means if you get heart disease you have a 21% chance of dying! That's only a 79% chance of survival! I don't hear anybody up in arms about that!
    Yet, if people show the facts about covid 19, they get shamed for not caring about the supposed 213,000 deaths so far. Don't the people who try to shame others even care about the poor 650,000 people who die every year of heart disease?
    I guess not.

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    I feel sorry for yorkies, there accent makes them sound unbelievably dumb even if they're intellectual.

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    We could cut child rape and violent crime by 95% by returning to Pre-1950s demographics.

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    Full scale lockdown country wide, by stealth. It'll be here, and will last until Feb as far as I'm thinking…..

    Then more than likely, permanent.

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    Soon we’ll move into digital currency. Everything you own will be wiped and the state will take control.

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    Saving people's lives is more important than the economy!

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