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Millions in the US cast their vote early – with just 10 days to go before the election.

With just 10 days to go before the US presidential election – President Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden have been travelling the country with campaign events – as hundreds of thousands of people cast their ballots in early voting this weekend. (Subscribe:

Long queues formed outside polling stations from New York to Florida – as the two candidates pressed home their widely different political visions – not least how they’d tackle the pandemic.

Our Washington Correspondent Siobhan Kennedy reports.
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    Bidens stuck between a rock and a hard drive

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    I believe in Mary Mullis.

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    the 3min 50sec video ~ ''HONEST GOVERNMENT AD | Qanon'' ~ https://youtu.be/1SoJI_KNV0Q

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    Sengjrang Mandasangma

    Can't wait to hear the New US President, who will win?

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    Pence is so toxic that viruses can't infect him!

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    the only way we now are going to survive is to go back to work just like all us carers that had to work all through it all. We took a risk and still are – what risks have you taken ?

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    Pence is a moron. His VP duties could be argued as being essential, but campaigning is not essential.

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    Totalitarian fascism or totalitarian communism?

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    Not Your Ordinary Gaming Channel

    let's be real. He has tested negative, so there is no story here.

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    Trump 2020 ❀️

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    coronavirus Its Impact on The World

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    Trump is going to win and there is nothing you can do about it

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    Good job there are no galactic aliens in the vicinity, it would be so embarrassing to be human!

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    covid covid covid covid take Trump out on Nov. 3

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    Mike Pence, head of the Covid task Force, catching the virus as well. Proof that there is a God?

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    This whole political system is a sham. These folks are so intelligent to obtain a college degree. But they can't come to a simple agreement to help out the people that they work for. But we can stop the world to put legislation through the "POST OFFICE" which is controlled by the President of the U.S.A….. The laundering of Tax Payer's money will never stop with intelligent criminals in office. Who knows how to play possum at the right time! These are cronies who specialize in "CROINIZSUM". You have all the monies in the World to fund Wars but NO money to help out the poor in America those are just some things we just can't seem to ignore!

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    Biden's sweating more than a blind lesbian in a fish market.

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    Why does this reporter always pronounce her name as Komala, her name is Kamala not KOMALA lol

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    Channel 4 is fake news

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    I knew this America

    what a shame nowdays

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    Md Emranul Haque Nirjhar

    What an infectious death cult!!

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    Listen to these clowns from fake news CNN, so he got the virus, big deal that some meds like Trump and he will be fine in no time. Now lets talk about something important like lets open the country. Trump 2020 and beyond.

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    Md Emranul Haque Nirjhar

    Covid covid covid, what about Trump Trump Trump?

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    2:17 American sure love their drive-in. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

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    Why don't they call the Virus by it's rightful name, the FREEloaders Work-shy Tax-dodging Virus because it's only them who suffer from it. πŸ™

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    Its a disgrace people have to wait in queues for hours to vote.

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    i cant believe people are actually voting for trump , like for real , how stupid

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    Worse or worst tough choice πŸ€”

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    The virgin clan Lee

    OK, after November 03 we will know if USA is fucked or not.

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