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Military presence builds on Hong Kong border

Aerial pictures emerge of a stadium in neighbouring Shenzhen where more than 100 army or police trucks are apparently parked.

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  1. Avatar

    China will suffer great sanctions if this turns out to be a massacre.

  2. Avatar

    Unrelated but are we still raiding Area 51?

  3. Avatar

    Tiennamen square massacre No. 2. What a liberty

  4. Avatar

    Hong Kong police force shooting tear gas at ghost tonight.

  5. Avatar

    A true fight for democracy which is, unfortunately, doomed to fail.

    anyone who thinks this has a happy ending is foolish.
    the people of Hong Kong can only fight off & protest the inevitable for so long until China swallows Hong Kong with force and takes full control of the island.

    Hong Kong is already lost to an inevitable fate. Nothing will stop China now.

  6. Avatar

    The end is nigh🤔 world war 3 is at the door!!

  7. Avatar

    Mainland are 𝑓𝑎𝑔𝑠

  8. Avatar

    It’s jhina according fat arse trump

  9. Avatar

    The UK has a moral obligation to do something. The minimum is to offer all hong kongers full citizenship to show them solidarity at minimum…

  10. Avatar

    They should settle it with Kung fu and sword fights

  11. Avatar

    I notice alot of Pro CCP bots from china earning the 50 cents a day trolling on youtube.

  12. Avatar

    They should send their stupid military to fight the civilians. Show the world how China deals with the peoples' desire for freedom.

  13. Avatar

    The homosexual narrating right now is a concern

  14. Avatar

    They should light the streets up with pink lights and see what happens and play the baby shark song on loud speakers lol

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