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Mike Pence and Kamala Harris spar on Covid, race and climate in VP debate – highlights

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris met in Utah for the only vice-presidential debate of the election, separated by Plexiglass barriers as a protection against coronavirus. From the pandemic to healthcare and race to the supreme court, via a fly, here are some of the key moments

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Pence-Harris vice-presidential debate: six key takeaways ►

Battle for the suburbs: can Joe Biden flip Texas? – video ►

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    Pence-Harris vice-presidential debate: six key takeaways ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/08/pence-harris-vice-presidential-debate-five-key-takeaways
    Battle for the suburbs: can Joe Biden flip Texas? – video ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2020/oct/07/battle-for-the-suburbs-can-joe-biden-flip-texas-video

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    Ooooh Kamala let him have it

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    We don’t need Kamala in office she has her own agenda like always she’ll never get my vote

  4. Avatar

    Mike pence must have a girth the size of a Gatorade bottle

  5. Avatar

    If you understand how Taxes are computed and its effect on the Economy, you'll understand the fairness of increased tax for business. T
    Read the inclusion and exclusion of Biden+Harris wanted to pass and execute, and let not be gaslighted by claims of the incompetence of the other side.
    Just saying, you'll know what an informed response is as opposed to disclaimers.

  6. Avatar

    PENCE believe EARTH IS 6000 Years old…..IMBECILES RULING USA!!

  7. Avatar

    Selective Editing.

  8. Avatar

    The very embodiment of neo-liberal corruption.

  9. Avatar

    Biden Harris 💙💙💙

  10. Avatar

    What's with the volume on this video it's like kamala is loser than anyone else?

  11. Avatar

    Harris weren’t you the one that held evidence for a black man who was innocent and on death row and held the evidence that to set him free

  12. Avatar

    U.S citizen: Mrs. Harris I’m making less then 2k and my taxes are being raised, what do I do?
    Kamala Harris: I aM sPeAkInG!

  13. Avatar

    I wonder what the fly likes so much about Pence? He must be full of something that flies find a delicacy.

  14. Avatar

    Kamala harris looks very direct of what she is saying, she doesn’t stutter at all lol, we need a vice-president like her, firm.

  15. Avatar

    Is it me, or joe biden and harris totally crushed trump and pence?

  16. Avatar

    Wow! Put on your big girl pants Kamala. The American people want answers on packing the courts and why repeat lies. You dropped out of the primaries In your own state to save yourself the embarrassment of how disliked you are!

  17. Avatar

    USA covid deaths as a percentage are comparable with Spain and the UK as well as a whole host of other countries. Kamala Harris is selling snake oil and trading on the deaths of American citizens for political gain

  18. Avatar

    This is some trash editing.

  19. Avatar

    Affordable Care Act, Paris accord, have been wiped off the history of the world. They shouldn't come up cuz they'll NEVER ever see the light of day again.

  20. Avatar

    the fly checked by already at 4:12 and felt quite comfy

  21. Avatar

    Kamala Harris wants to be President so bad, she can taste it! And this 'Guardian News' selection of 'clips' from the debate are so one-sided. Kamala Harris is a terrible debater. Watch the entire thing and you will know.

  22. Avatar

    Pence obliterates Harris, that's a fact!

  23. Avatar

    u just cut pence as soon as he is about to destroy her ahahahah, RIP journalism

  24. Avatar

    hahaha, guardian trying so hard…. pity

  25. Avatar

    You call climate change 'science'? Come on. There's no consensus in the scientific community.

  26. Avatar
    gabriela gonzalez


  27. Avatar

    This is like watching north Korean TV. This kind of edited clips by licensed media is a threat to Democracy itself everything is decided the media.

  28. Avatar

    I thought Hillary told big lies. Funny how a woman who smoked cannabis sent thousands of the same people to jail for the same thing. Guardian news is as skewed as Kamala's morals.

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