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Mics to be muted during first answers in next presidential debate

U.S. President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden will have their microphones cut off in Thursday’s debate while their rival delivers his opening two-minute answer to each of the debate topics.

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  1. Avatar
    Emmanuel Urbina Aguilar

    what about a "talking pillow" ? hahahha

  2. Avatar

    This will be to Trumps advantage.
    Biden rarely has enough mental capacity to speak
    for 2 minutes straight.

  3. Avatar

    at least the media bias to protect Biden has become glaringly obvious

  4. Avatar

    Is that how communications work when you're President of the United States? If Mr. Putin or Mr. Jinping is talking over you too much you can get mommy moderator to cut them off? Trump isn't the one changing the rules. If he wants to keep yapping over Biden, Biden should use that as a point against Trump. Kamala did against Pence and it worked wonderfully; the media bent over backwards for her bravely standing up to the cis-white-male-capitalist-patriarchy when she said "I'm speaking" even during Pence's time. No reason why Biden can't do the same, unless we consider his dementia.

    No, instead Biden needs a third party to intervene if he feels like he's getting bullied. Is that the image America wants for their leader? The pathetic little kid that runs crying to the teacher for help at the slightest bit of confrontation? It's not pathetic that the commission changed its debate format for Biden (who, mind you, was the first to interrupt in the initial debate and opened Pandora's box), that's completely normal and expected swamp behavior. It's pathetic that Biden feels like he needs it.

  5. Avatar

    Not subscribed to CBC yet I still see this story? Why is that?

  6. Avatar

    This is a devastating blow to toddler Trump and his supporters

  7. Avatar

    All because Trump couldn't stick to the debate rules his team agreed to.

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    Crosstalk = Debate.

    Mute = Censor.

    Moderator = Joe’s Champion.

    Covid = 1984

  10. Avatar

    Wow now it will be funny that Trumps mic will be off most of the time

  11. Avatar
    Outdoors wit derkit

    2 weeks to go till the pandemic is over!!! Yeaahahahah

  12. Avatar

    Gotta give a chance for the Democrats to lie without getting interrupted

  13. Avatar

    They really tryna protect Biden from this scandal LOL

  14. Avatar
    Faradelthia Twitch

    this guy's voice is SO annoying. every sentence he says sounds like he's unsure of what he's actually saying as he says it

  15. Avatar

    Has anyone ever seen a more protected candidate than corrupt joe biden?

  16. Avatar

    Biden made comments and interrupted as much as Trump…Biased media

  17. Avatar

    Foreign policy would involve Ukraine and Trumps wrongful impeachment. No one wants to hear that.

  18. Avatar

    Wake up! We are being controlled by pshycopath who are taking away our rights! This is the last chance to fight for freedom! They are making F*CKING concentration camps in Canada!

  19. Avatar
    Marlene Pettinella

    Cut the mic….Trump should hold up LIAR CARDS when he is muted..

  20. Avatar
    Our Family Outdoors

    Debate committee keeps changing rules and topics, the third debate is always on foreign relations, Biden’s camp knows he can’t speak on foreign relations with Hunters emails and hard drives now available to the public

  21. Avatar
    Marlene Pettinella

    They should give Biden the questions…and then change them

  22. Avatar

    God bless America! God bless President Trump! President Trump 2020! Be strong America! 🇺🇸💪🗽🤙! 🤜🇨🇳🦠☠️👹👎🏿!

  23. Avatar

    Why not mute the mike of the other candidate throughout the debate? Trump would not wait his turn last time and it was very annoying.

  24. Avatar
    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    This is good. I'm sure that a future showdown with Putin, Xi Jinping, or Kim Jong Un will also include a mute button option.

  25. Avatar

    You know, it so funny. Many cities have massive lock-downs, its illegal to even work from home as it counts as "work". Church groups, playgrounds can't be used. BUT mass protests are ok, its fine to have 5000 people screaming and traveling from city to city… meaning higher chance of spreading it, BUT its illegal for kids in the same city, to play in the park with each other.

    Also what most people chose to ignore is.. most of the worst problems, worst riots, and worst police cases are… in democrat cities, with democrat super majorities that have been there for 40+ years… whos democrat policies have shaped the poverty and police.

    how… how can you blame the Federal Government… Trump… for something thats been going on in say, Portland, for 40 years?

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