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Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer responds to Trump’s taunts

Tomorrow President Trump heads for Michigan, another state he won by the narrowest of margins in 2016 – just under 11,000 votes. (Subscribe:

The polls there currently show a healthy lead for Joe Biden, but there’s tension in the air.

The President has spent much of this year throwing verbal jabs at Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Her strict measures against coronavirus have not gone down well among many of Donald Trump’s supporters, or with anti-government militias, who believe their freedoms are being trampled on.

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    President Trump 2020…..

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    Take no notice of the asshole bigot gretchen you have my respect

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    Karezza Kundalini Kenosis

    Lock up Trump's hair.

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    It was Antifa meth heads who tried to " kidnap" her. What a loser

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    They don't show the audience because there was hardly anyone there.

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    Vote Blue! Proud Michigander here. Whitmer has been great with COVID. The Republicans here are insane. Now we’re on the rise with cases and hospitalization thanks to the Republicans.

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    False accusations for publicity. And then videos of people holding their government to account. Wow if only we could do that here.

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    Now that's a woman that go straight to my heart good for her… God-bless America!

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    That nazi must.go…TO.PRISON

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    Who would have ever thought a President would ever incite domestic terrorism?

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    Can't wait till she is removed from office already.

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