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Michigan AG: Domestic terrorists pose ‘existential threat’

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel talks with Linsey Davis about the failed alleged plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor and overthrow the state’s government.

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    I believe neither the #FBI agents in Michigan nor the #MichiganGovernor about this "plot". Both the Governor and the agents will get a place in D.C. if #Biden wins. The "plots" timing is a little too coincidental. Notice the #FBI called it kidnapping so they could use their federal authority and get involved in an internal state policing issue. The #MichiganGovernor probably pointed her #FBI conspirators toward a bunch of drunk yahoos that like to spout off on social media and spent their stimulus money on ammo to go plinking in the woods. All that matters is the news story was changed from the real #plot by the Obama #Biden administration's weaponization of our federal agencies against our fellow citizens. I bet the "case" falls apart once the light of a courtroom shined on it.

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    This propagandist seem to forget antifa and blm was violent protests or riots to be named terrorists . But here they are going after a group who did not go out and hurt anyone . It was just an idea.

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    Interesting 🧐… Left wing terrorists throw fire bombs at groups of police & citizens, they actually burn down buildings & structures, shoot, stab & beat those whose ideologies conflict, yet… they are labeled 'Protestors?' Anyone? 🧠

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    It is an idea according to Biden.

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    If they burned, looted, or destroyed the businesses and communities, they could have been bailed out the next day.

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    FBI, please investigate all groups including yours.

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    Andrea Mendenhall

    HOW ABOUT SOME FACT CHECKING? Your giving out a lot of false information.

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    The kidnappers were plotting to kidnap the governor while she was out on

    her boat but were unable to succeed in that plot as the boathouse is

    still refusing to put the governors boat in the water.

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    Kathleen MCGARRITY

    These people are full of s h i

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    1:36 I can finally enjoy life with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    Trump haters and your calling them right wing ??? #FAKENEWS !!! ANTIFA MEMBERS !!!!

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    I wonder which movie production company the Michigan gov hired to portray the sham kidnap plot…

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    Existential threats are Democrats make believe problems.

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    He said Stand back and Stand by about Antifa a radical terrorist group

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    Thays a lie he denounced white sepmracy HE said stand by and stand back but Antifa must be held responsible these democrats are twisting hos words they start fires they birn buildings they should be held responsible this is an American problem and Biden says Antifa is an idea NO they are the Anarchists

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    dont rely on law enforcement to protect you AG , i protect my self

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    Finally someone in the clickbait corporate media is admitting that antifa and BLM are terrorist groups.

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    more fear mongering and scare tactics from MSM

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    Trying to throw dirt on militia. LMAO

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    OMG the democrats will stoop to any level in order to steal this presidency I have never seen a political party so diabolical and morally bankrupt in their pursuit of power and when Trump wins they all should be executed as terrorists! The democrats are the real terrorists the ones destroying our country are all democrats and as they destroy and rob and kill they accuse republicans of all those things to confuse the public as to who is really at fault but it’s the democrats and has been they have undermined everything this president has done!

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    Ladies and gentlemen, we're done destabilizing foreign countries and destroying sovereign nations… time to start labelling and attacking Americans.

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    No Sh*t! If they were brown this would be unilateral condemned….

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    She’s whacked. He’s condemned hate groups many times over the last few years alone. Use your ears for something more than a buffer between a pillow and a block of wood. You all are thick chicks that should not be in office. Get in the kitchen and make me a samich. AG- AMERICAN GOOFBALL 🤣🤣🤣

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    Democrat supporters, blm and antifa are your threats and you should recognize this, it’s obvious to many of us, except to you. Loser

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    I support the Patriots.

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