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Michael Gove performs Brexit U-turn at dispatch box

Michael Gove performed a U-turn at the dispatch box in which he praised a ‘constructive move’ by the EU minutes after declaring the talks ‘effectively ended’. Speaking in the Commons, Gove had claimed a litany of failures of the EU to engage in good faith with the UK, but then welcomed the offer by the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to ‘intensify’ talks

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UK refuses to restart Brexit talks despite EU accepting its demands ►

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  1. Avatar

    It was no deal from day one. Why did Tories waste people's money and time for 4 years?

  2. Avatar
    About Things Podcast

    This soap opera is getting a bit too long to the point of becoming annoying

  3. Avatar

    EU said NO CANADA DEAL three years ago. Why are Tories lying?

  4. Avatar

    Gove, along with many other Brexiteers are set to make millions due to the choas leaving the EU will bring. It was always going to be a No-Deal. The poorest turkeys indeed voted for Christmas

  5. Avatar

    Bad actor lead role. Gove.

  6. Avatar

    UK refuses to restart Brexit talks despite EU accepting its demands ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/oct/19/brexit-gove-praises-constructive-move-as-eu-agrees-to-intensify-talks

  7. Avatar
    Roy Mustang Ackerman


  8. Avatar

    They wanted a deal where they say what they want and get everything they want without a reply. Negotiations don't work that way.

  9. Avatar

    Courageous of the EU, it would be irresponsible to break off the negotiations. EU and UK citizens would suffer from a NO deal.

  10. Avatar

    nothing will happen till USA election on the 3/11 . Trump wants to create trade deal . Biden does NOT even less so if we leave the EU? RED WAVE.

  11. Avatar

    Brexit was always going to be a charade – something the Tories are masters at. As for Gove, I wouldn't trust him to run a bath – let alone oversee critical negotiations with the EU.

  12. Avatar

    Who cares what Mr. Gove says??

  13. Avatar

    Michael Gove know a Canada style Agreement is not possible at this time, they just want no deal, a Canada style agreement takes years to negotiate and it still have tariff and quotas.

  14. Avatar

    Lol look how he tries to wriggle and slip and slither away from it.
    It just keeps getting worse and worse for him as the nightmare gets deeper

  15. Avatar
    Thierry Mercadier

    Even Gummy Gove is so red in the face after the shock of his own lies!!!

  16. Avatar

    They only wanted a no deal. It is very obvious from the start when Boris illegal misled the Queen into shutting down parliament and then the constant BS about oven ready deal it’s ready to go BS! The only thing was leave without a deal spearheaded by Dominic Cummings and secret meetings with Nigel Farage and party doners who will bank millions when the £ crashes on the 1st of January 2021 get ur bets in !

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