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Michael Gove and David Frost quizzed on Brexit progress in parliament – watch live

Michael Gove and the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator David Frost are expected to be quizzed by members of parliament on the progress of UK-EU future relationship negotiations in the house of commons

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    Get of your high horse, Frost. Do as you threaten … and walk away then. I'll bet you don't have the guts. For you'll have nothing left. The Japan deal only replaces what the UK will lose when it falls out of the coverage of the current EU_Japan deal at the end of this year. After January 1st, you have some explaining to do in your own country. Can't blame the EU no more. The day of reckoning is coming, Brexiteers.

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    Sack all MPs every single one all liar's and cheats

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    No deal is brexit anything else is treason end of.

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    get out of our waters

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    now no transition they have had four years to get out better not cave in

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    The British refused the euro, held on to the pound.
    Now the no deal Brexit.
    This means I will cancel my holiday to Britain.
    Go spend my euros somewhere else,.
    Maybe Ireland (but not Northern).

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    Would some of you please explain the benefits of the UK leaving the EU with no deal, as I and many others must not know something you all seem too?

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    Snaige gerute123

    fantastic talent not answer – 70 per cen – do not want to go into detail, everything else – lies. But yes – please no deal – that's what we want to see

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    The scam is almost complete. We were promised glittering free trade deals away from the evil clutches of the EU. Free frictionless tarrif free trade. A gigantic lie. Counselled strongly by Farage and Mogg to avoid a hard brexit or a no deal. Now only that will do. We have already lost almost 200 billion due to the weak pound and our GDP is down by more than 3 per cent. Now these libertarian lunatics want a no deal? Overnight we lose 70 per cent free trade with almost 100 countries. Evidence. IFS, OBR, CBI, Bank of England, World Bank and of course the government's own impact reports. But they don't give a toss. It benefits the right rich. Hedge fund managers annoyed at the modest EU directives brought in to protect the public after the crash. Disaster capitalists salivating at a further drop in the pound. Koch funded it. To promote climate denial and slow the process down. Billions to be made out of deregulation. EU directives on the environment and workers rights dumped. Holiday pay, maternity leave, sick pay dumped. A deregulated, low wage, low tax, union free little USA. A gigantic tax avoiding neoliberal scam.

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