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Mexico removes Christopher Columbus statue before annual protest

The Mexican government has removed a prominent bronze statue of Christopher Columbus and surrounded another with high metal fencing ahead of an annual protest that marks the explorer’s arrival in the Americas in 1492.
Protests have been held in several Latin American countries on the anniversary of the explorer’s arrival in the Americas.
Al Jazeera’s Andrew Chappelle reports.

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  1. Avatar

    Why not abolish the Spanish language and cultural influence and start speaking Nahuatl and revive the bloodthirsty Aztec religion?

  2. Avatar

    Before Colombus discovered America for the Europeans, many of the native populations were very busy enslaving other native populations, they used to attack other indigenous groups and kidnap women, children, and men to sacrifice them to their gods and after offering the heart to those gods they used to eat the flesh of the sacrificial victims. Thanks to the Conquistadores, there is no more children sacrifices, thanks to them we have science to solve our problems, without the Conquistadores and without Colombus the Native Populations of America would still be leaving in the Stone Age so be thankful for Colombus, he was a man of his time with his defects and virtues and thanks to he today we can enjoy all the technological progress that make our life so easy. HAPPY COLOBUS DAY, Y'ALL!!! 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Clever move Mexico 🇲🇽, you saved a statue from riots, good job

  4. Avatar

    While the western countries as well as western-inspired countries such as Mexico are constantly being bothered with superficial identity and political debates, China is moving rapidly to the future quietly, from 5G, to Space Station, to AI, to Robot, to Moon Station, to Cryptocurrency…

  5. Avatar

    Amazing you have to fence off people because they're so uncivilized they can't help themselves try to bust up public property. And then throw molotovs at police.

  6. Avatar

    We have been lied.

    Christopher Columbus (The ppl that funded the operation) knew where he went and the nation who lived there.

  7. Avatar

    Sheinbaum … 🤔

  8. Avatar

    Indigenous Day!

  9. Avatar

    Take them down and rewrite your own history. The Mzungus history is full of lies.

  10. Avatar

    European colonizers invaded and genocided whole American continent and put their statues on their streets.America was a peaceful continent until invaders came and destroyed everthing!

  11. Avatar
    Brandon Bartkowiak

    Thats it! Mexico is going back to their cultural roots and going to start publicly cutting the still beating hearts out of prisoners chests then decapitate them and kick their head down a flight of stairs. Hey this is your history.

  12. Avatar

    Columbus needs to go back to Spain.

    Lets put all the statues on a boat and send it back to Spain.

  13. Avatar

    I’m going back In time and warning the Native to slit their necks and dump them out to sea

  14. Avatar

    Good job. We young Africans are also doing the same…questioning why we have statues of brutal land thieves in our cities.

  15. Avatar

    In Bolivia especially I feel their pain, till today their elected president was cast out by Elon Musk and Trumps endorsers illegally and made themselves unelected leaders. Those people have been oppressed for too many years…

  16. Avatar

    Colombus Christofer wants to go to india
    He ended up in the wrong land. Called them Indians.
    But the real Indians are happy he did not come to India 🙏 what a shame Columbus.

  17. Avatar

    They should protest drag cartel who killing Mexican ppl today lol

  18. Avatar

    Throw out aliens from your sacred lands….

  19. Avatar

    If jews can take their so called ancestors lands in Palestine and be supported by UNO AND OTHERS, why not natives of America get their lands back from occupiers……

  20. Avatar

    Should we destroy the pyramid of giza coz it was built by slaves

  21. Avatar

    It seems to have been OPPRESSION rather than Discovery…..

  22. Avatar

    It's such a shame they had his statue until today

  23. Avatar

    If I'm not mistaken, speaking of Mexico's indigenous people, they worshipped strange and weird gods and participated in human sacrificing. That behavior is totally against the word of God and biblical principles. That's why they were wiped out. We all need to realize that Jesus is the only and true way to heaven.

  24. Avatar

    It's time to know our haters.

  25. Avatar

    I really cannot believe what is in the comment section.. how ignorant of you all to claim the indigenous people are all the same. Sure some of them carried out human sacrifices but that’s not the only kind of civilization that existed in the Americas. You ignorant fools.. claiming that they were barbaric and warring all the time.. what about Europe! Same s*** different toilet. Painting your faces blue living in caves while the rest of the world advanced beyond your imagination. You are not the moral authority or the definition of civilization. Don’t act like you did the world a favor. People from every corner of the planet have contributed to civilizations development. From white people to black peoples! So before you go spewing none sense about human sacrifice and how you changed that I suggest you look at your own history.

  26. Avatar

    It is no doubt that the feeling of being colonized is bad……so, the hatred for Columbus is justified….but people need to understand that throughout history, that’s how conquests have always been…..a new group of people coming to a land already inhabited by people, ruling them and slowly absorbing them…..or the new group gets absorbed amongst the older people…..giving rise to a new group of people…….Columbus should not be remembered for the genocide of the indigenous Americans…..but for the Globalization we take for granted today, and for the emergence of the new group of people called today as Latin Americans…..an amalgamation of Indigenous Americans and Europeans….

  27. Avatar

    Down with white supremacy, we are all humans, no one is better than the other.

  28. Avatar

    round of applause to all the activist

  29. Avatar
    Ethiopia lij Abrham

    Removed for restoration? Wtf nah trash that garbage

  30. Avatar

    Here in the U.S. only the Italians are complaining , but yet He was a Jewish man from Portugal . He did not speak Italian or write it .

  31. Avatar

    Considering his cruel atrocities; Columbus would go on trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity. He would also be given capital punishment if he lived in texas.

  32. Avatar

    I think they are acting like terrorists and a canoe did not find America and coral is from Japan

  33. Avatar
    Salahudheen Ayyoobi

    Great…. 👌

  34. Avatar

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  35. Avatar

    Miserable Marxist Mexicans, pathetico

  36. Avatar

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  37. Avatar
    Christine Pratley

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  38. Avatar

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

  39. Avatar

    Good may God bless you people 👍👍👍👍

  40. Avatar

    Qatar should sponsor an American spring just like they did with Arabs, send cash and fund extremists and send Al Jazeera to fuel violence

  41. Avatar

    Christopher columbus makes somali pirate look like innocent babies

  42. Avatar

    My suggestion is don't remove the statue of Colombus, write a prominent message below the statue for the visitors so they come to know the cruelty, violence, brutality, barbarianism, and inhuman acts committed by the white supremacists with the locals. How the innocent locals were butchered by the white men. How the underage local girls were abused by Columbus and his friends and thereafter the people from other European nations also committed the same sort of crimes against humanity.

  43. Avatar

    If not for him, you wouldn't be there.

  44. Avatar

    It’s time to replace these status with indigenous figures

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