Home / News / Men accused In Michigan Kidnapping Plot Allegedly Considered Targeting Virginia Gov. Northam

Men accused In Michigan Kidnapping Plot Allegedly Considered Targeting Virginia Gov. Northam

An FBI agent testified in Michigan federal court today that the group had discussed kidnapping Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. The men, furious over coronavirus lockdowns, are charged with plotting to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
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Men accused In Michigan Kidnapping Plot Allegedly Considered Targeting Virginia Gov. Northam

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  1. Avatar

    The Fight Over Absentee Ballots Intensifies Around Drop Boxes.

  2. Avatar

    I wish these REAL PATRIOTS got away with it!

  3. Avatar

    What about the news that the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against this TYRANT again and ruled all her emergency executive orders unconstitutional

  4. Avatar

    It's the governors job to take tough decisions. Over 7,000 Michigan residents have died due to Covid and the handling of it. Lock those dangerous lunatics up & throw away the keys.

  5. Avatar

    I hope they charge them with kidnapping and attempted murder

  6. Avatar

    As far as Gretchen Whitmore, you can not make something like this up.
    Beware of Trump and his fachist, white supremisest right wing ignorant extremists.
    VOTE BLUE 2020
    Our lives depend on it !

  7. Avatar

    More and more racist angry idiots….

  8. Avatar

    All Militia group should be hunt down because they will be the reason of the Civil war in Us

  9. Avatar

    What they did was nothing less than sedition, the worst part is Millions of Trump supporters applaud them.

  10. Avatar

    Shhhhh just do it

  11. Avatar

    These people had the right intentions they just failed to think their plans through they should have protested and set up rallies against the lockdowns down with the tyrannical governors including Governor Newsom we are Americans we will be watching and we will not reelect these lowlifes scum back in the positions they hold now #freedom #fuckcovid #nomorelockdowns

  12. Avatar

    Oh God having discussions I have discussion with people about these unconstitutional lockdowns all the time I always just say I wish some crazies would take them out because I honestly do they need to leave they're held positions and get out of our lives stop keeping our kids at home and running America into the ground we are not communist China we will not surrender we will not cower in fear we will overcome

  13. Avatar

    Trump needs to be indicted for encouraging these right-wing MAGAts!

  14. Avatar

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  15. Avatar

    I'm so through with republicans and their domestic terrorists. It's time to stop playing nice with these criminals.

  16. Avatar

    “THOUGHT CRIMINALS” just “disappear” in China. It is not publicized unless they want to make examples out of Freedom Advocates in order to TERRORIZE any other would-be free-thinkers into submission to the Totalitarian Dictatorship. I'm just glad that they haven't begun censoring anyone on the internet here in the USA because we all know what that could lead to.

  17. Avatar

    This can be Lain at Trump's little fat feet. If she had died he would be guilty for what

  18. Avatar

    Obama, Clinton And Joe Biden Killed Seal Team 6

  19. Avatar

    “Her lakeside vacation home” is state property, a seasonal residence for Michigan Governors. Governor Whitmer has access to the residence while serving in the office. FYI NBC

  20. Avatar

    Death penalty

  21. Avatar

    This is what your leader ( donny ) has allowed in our United America ( separation ) is what he has created. Remember these words United we stand divided we fall. The fall of America is at stake and what he has destroyed will take another 60 years to rebuild. Have common sense and look to the future of our country. Vote him and all the others who follow out so that we can Unite once again.

  22. Avatar

    CWII starts in 4 weeks.

  23. Avatar

    Kidnapping ????
    How about just a bad review on YELP ?
    Or vote.

  24. Avatar

    People aren't buying this story. That governor is a very dishonest woman. People are aware of her antics.

  25. Avatar

    You guys believe allllll this without any proof provided?

  26. Avatar

    People of Michigan oh, you cannot look at this governor and say I feel sorry for what happened we should reelect her,. No, you should look at the reason why she was targeted because she closed the state down and took away your freedom, your jobs and your rights as an American citizen vote this terrible woman out of office and replace her

  27. Avatar

    Look! More fake people like Cesar Sayoc 😂😂😂

  28. Avatar

    The media won't cover the violence until it is thrown at one of their own. Then, the fbi and police are suddenly good guys; and see what those bad righrtwingers are doing.

  29. Avatar

    Fbi plants

  30. Avatar
    Prophetess/Evangelist Precious

    it's time for change in the white house to make America great again, look at what going on in the White House,,, the political party doesn't care all they do is lies it's a shame ,,, the people can't get help to pay their bills ., there will be NO Second Stimulus Check NO matter what they say we the people have to help our neighbors in need. struggling,,, America was once a great Nation [ psalm 33; 12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his inheritance. [ VOTE } AMEN

  31. Avatar

    The terrorist here are Whitmer and Northham. Or maybe tyrants is a better term for them.

  32. Avatar

    Say it how it is, DOMESTIC TERRORISM

  33. Avatar

    The president rhetoric does e emailed hate

  34. Avatar

    Does youtube shadow ban comments?

  35. Avatar

    Why do all these guys look like RDR2 NPC’s? The ones that try to rob you and you end up dead eye-ing all of them.

  36. Avatar

    A liberal judge had one of these guys in front of him and set him free! This group of terrorists are strange because they have no political side. They were very vocal in their hatred of Trump too!

  37. Avatar

    I expect this type of behavior from ISIS

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