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Meet Eez Eldin Bahder, 74, 'the world's oldest professional footballer'

Eez Eldin Bahder is believed, aged 74, to be the oldest professional footballer in the world after he signed with a third-tier side in the Egyptian league. Bahder got his chance after registering with the Egyptian Football Federation when he showed them a video of him demonstrating his skills. ‘So I spoke with them and told them: ‘Why not?’ I showed them the video of me playing and they said that he didn’t realise that at this age you can display such skills, movement and flexibility’. The veteran player is hoping to get a place in the starting 11. ‘There is a feeling that they will be playing with 10 men, but I don’t want them to feel that … I might be able to make a contribution. I don’t know yet, but we’ll see what will happen in our next game.’

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