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McEnany responds to media backlash for briefing press after COVID exposure

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins Martha MacCallum to react to ongoing list of White House officials being diagnosed with coronavirus. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    She looks fabulous for someone who is sick with this supposedly devastating virus. I am starting to think that the Trump administration was targeted by the left using people they knew were carrying covid… how else could ONLY Trump administration officials test positive when there were leftist media members all over the place… and many were seen WITHOUT a mask on… so how is it possible that only a dozen people tested positive and ALL were Trump team members.???
    The odds for that are staggering.

  2. Avatar

    McEnany lies so blatantly you would think she must be the demon offspring of Trump and Conway.

  3. Avatar

    I see a great opportunity by those that have tested positive to use some of the novel drugs that have been developed. The era of getting Americans to become scared of the COVID-19 is gone, having had a good understanding of this virus.

  4. Avatar

    Fox news stepford wives empty brain club band. Mac ninny has the smile that says no independent thoughts to see here folks.

  5. Avatar

    They even lie to themselves. Total clowns.

  6. Avatar

    Give it a rest dumbo. Do you wear a mask in your home? Stupid people like you spreading misinformation. Rampant tds infects media. Worse than corona. Media test negative for any signs of truth and intelligence

  7. Avatar

    Seems everyone has forgotten that masks don't do much to protect anyone from spreading germs or getting germs. Masks probably cut the 6 feet infection spread range down to 5 feet. But I wonder…as people walk around, 6 feet apart, we walk in and through other people's previous 6-foot radiuses…and breathe the germs they left behind. Really, honestly, what good does a mask do? I wear them to keep peace and show consideration for others. But I don't care if others don't wear them.

  8. Avatar

    Trump's new advert video proves he set up the whole COVID 19 stunt. Just to make this new video . That's film crews ready and waiting for trump to direct what gets produced to show his supporters. To make them BELIEVE he is some kind of hero fighting Covid 19.
    He knows they are still SUCKERS that fall for his con game , EVERYTIME. He is after all a TV reality show producer. In other words, A FAKE !!!

  9. Avatar

    Kayleigh is fine. You are trying make it look like to she’s sick but she’s fine!

  10. Avatar

    Trump is right . Covid 19 ain't a big deal. Just live with it. Ok some of you will die but that's no big deal. Most of you can't afford the medical care and treatment to help you get thru it, but that's no big deal.
    Trump has your tax dollars paying for his healthcare. His rich friends have plenty of cash to pay for their medical bills .
    If y'all don't have ENOUGH money to help you or YOUR family to get help, that's no big deal. You can die. It's no big deal !!

  11. Avatar

    Trump says don't be afraid of Covid-19……pity he can't tell all the 215,000 plus people who have died from it……how many children have no parents now. How many parents have no children now?What does he want us to do…..go out and catch it and fact check him? There are now more cases in the whitehouse alone than in Australia as of today- THINK ABOUT THAT FACT

  12. Avatar

    Failed WH, failed staff, failed country, the US under mobster Don has become another banana Republic…like Belarus ? Or Bolsanaro's Brazil?

  13. Avatar

    The virus has breached the White House.
    I think US is probably the only developed country in the world that the virus has infected their top leader and his inner circle, at this stage of the global pandemic. Not even a third world is experiencing this type of infections at this level of their goverment.
    It is a disgrace.
    trump and his team are still. shamelessly defending them selves and attacking others .
    The US is led by a fool, a shameless fool.

  14. Avatar

    COVID19 Hoax! What happened to the flu in 2020? Made room for covid! This is just insane.

  15. Avatar

    Politics in America has now become a deadly game with the population as the chess pieces. At some point people will stop and think about right and wrong, truth and lies. Winning isn't everything if at the end of the game you inherit destruction. Like Solomon's wisdom everybody take a step back. If winning was everything, the baby would have been cut in half. What does it take to be human and who is the real mother here that protects the nation rather than see it destroyed just because they want to win? Did this woman transmit Covid to her baby? What is there to smile about? As you wear a cross know that the Age of Grace is coming to an end. You will begin to reap what you sow, God will not let evil stand. Anyone who lies and does evil sets themselves up directly against God. It is not humans you fight when you become evil. It is God himself and I would not wish that on my worst enemy if I had one.

  16. Avatar

    CDC …. what is that?

  17. Avatar

    It's not the government's job to be giving people money.
    It's the government's job to ensure equal opportunity

  18. Avatar

    McEnany does a great job – Her logical qualities are outstanding. A breath of fresh air. A grown up person in a media landscape that acts as a flock of emotional children. Fox news was not so bad here – but this Chris Wallace character is a different story. He is not a balanced journalist to say the least.

  19. Avatar

    Mindful of yourselves I can believe but of the people in America……..I don’t think so!!!

  20. Avatar

    HOW DONALD TRUMP HANDLES STRESS – This old Trump quote from 2004, a response to a Larry King Live caller asking how he handles stress, made the rounds today: “I try and tell myself it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. If you tell yourself it doesn’t matter, like you do shows, you do this, you do that and then you have earthquakes in India where 400,000 people get killed. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. That’s how I handle stress.

    Your Guy REFERENCE covid 19

  21. Avatar

    Kayleigh hot AF…

  22. Avatar

    Dear Kayleigh, don't worry, in 8 days you will be more beautiful and stronger than ever, and the morons are gonna be embarrassed.

  23. Avatar

    Fox news is the new Voice of CNN!

  24. Avatar

    Hope you're feeling better Kayleigh. God bless you. 🌹

  25. Avatar
    Theodore Papadakis

    Has anyone out there ever asked fox never the news why it has been band in the UK!!???They must know something that all you watchers don’t want to know and that should tell you all something about yourselves however I suspect that none of your want to know yourselves. I hope that this point is taken by y’ll!!!!

  26. Avatar

    Masks don't work. It goes into an aerosol form that will pass thru a mask in and out and has a 30 foot range so why cry about masks!

  27. Avatar

    What a mess.

  28. Avatar
    amvanquish0072020 amvanquish0072020

    How anybody can take those lying scumbags at CNN , MSNBC and AaBC is beyond me. We can see the lies in the UK here coming out of these fake. news outlets if some of you blinkered Americans can’t . Mind u we get the same bollocks from the BBC so nothing new there

  29. Avatar
    Theodore Papadakis

    Nothing is mentioned about the republican senate wanting unwarranted add ons to the relief bill!!!! That’s one of the reasons that the UK has banned fox never the news!!!! Only say and do what makes the law breaker look good,when they are bad all along!,,

  30. Avatar
    Elizabeth Fairchild

    masks don't stop viruses…. not what you want us wearing.

  31. Avatar

    Installing Ionizers can ensure pure virus free spaces everywhere, indoors!!! Obviously strange explosion of infected cluster of only Trump staffs..very suspicious…

  32. Avatar
    mountain dweller

    I dare you to go on any other net work in America , in the mean while another one bites the dust as Jason miller (aka Goebbels) goes down, as science now appears to be beating the GOP Big time

  33. Avatar

    Two absolutely toxic, disgusting, and entitled sacs of Shiet!

  34. Avatar

    I do not like this interviewer .. slight innuendo ALWAYS from a little nose and mouth gesture to her a ha aha just under her breath almost. Passive Aggressive

  35. Avatar
    Sailor on the Seas of Fate

    Oooohh…everybody caught a cold or were exposed…same old same old its a cold, especially given that it seems it was deliberate exposure during the debate prep by an outside source. We have the medicine and means to quickly treat this and go on without our lives. Trump is right, adapt and overcome, dont fear this or let it dominate your lives while we have technology to allows us to function from isolation.

  36. Avatar
    Sailor on the Seas of Fate

    President Trump…its time to make generic HCQ OVER THE COUNTER cold medicine. We dont need full medical system intervention for this. Just HCQ OTC intervention.

  37. Avatar

    Keep the presidents business the presidents business more democratic idiots just need something else to blame on president Trump

  38. Avatar

    Top Czech virologist Sona Pekova (MD, former Harvard teacher and a forensic expert in the fields of molecular biology, molecular genetics and molecular microbiology for human and veterinary issues) says, that the Coronavirus causing COVID is weakening at a rate, that there will be no COVID within two or three months. She says, that the virus is already so weak, that she is testing patients with huge amounts of the virus in their body with no complications whatsoever. She said, that if we stop testing now, there will be no COVID at all, because vast majority of infected people will show no symptoms or complications. She also said, that the current fear mongering around COVID has no medical base, but possibly political…

  39. Avatar

    God bless KM

  40. Avatar

    Im sorry but Martha and all of these blonde middle aged fox news hosts are the same lately! Can anyone say botox? And…. “umm…. uhhhhh.” Seriously they need to clean house and get some actual conservatives on their network. I stopped watching.

  41. Avatar

    What is the Covidiot situation in the WH right now?

  42. Avatar

    I've lost mobility on my left leg. Does anyone even care? The pain is excruciating.

  43. Avatar

    marsha for all these supposed smart people you are dum kayleigh puts up with your stupidty so gracefully

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