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McDaniel on Hunter Biden: If this was the Trump family, it'd be on the news 24/7

‘Joe Biden continues to scare the American people,’ while President Trump ‘chooses to be positive’ regarding COVID-19, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tells ‘Fox News Sunday.’

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  1. Avatar

    Cris Wallace = Jail Time you lying mongrel

  2. Avatar

    How about Rudy the stooge that has all the info on Hunter is hanging out on a bed with his pants down and His Hands rubbing something or other anything she's hanging out with a 15 year old good luck

  3. Avatar

    Wallace is garbage. I m pretty much done with Fox. Chris avoided why aren't they, him asking why FBI had that lap top for a year.

  4. Avatar

    Chris Wallace needs to go fox!

  5. Avatar
    Fromaggio Vagiola

    What were the flu numbers for the last few years? Nobody compares those numbers.

  6. Avatar

    Wallace dems member – not qualify to ask this question.. wats his intention ? He’s not from Americans benefit angles, he’s from Biden hunter benefit angle..

  7. Avatar

    Chris Wallace hates Trump and it’s totally obvious! I can’t stand watching this guy. I know we have to be careful about COVID but you have to live your life without fear! Just be smart about it

  8. Avatar

    Mr. Wallace, you rudeness to McDaniels by talking over her as she was answering your. Question.

  9. Avatar
    Perfect Inbred Specimen


  10. Avatar

    Mike asks tough questions, too bad only to republicans, why not ask Joe a series of tough questions about his brats laptop?

  11. Avatar

    Chris, why don't you get a job with CNN this way you can put your get your COMMUNISTIC, MARXIST, ANTI-AMERICAN GARBAGE, PRO-CHINA BS.

  12. Avatar
    Patricia Martin-Milk

    Hello Fox decision makers- I am a dedicated Fox news subscriber. However- from this time forward-,if Wallace is the host- I am going to go watch YouTube!

  13. Avatar

    Chris Wallace seems highly resentful about his diminished credibility after moderating the presidential debate and is still trying to stop his guest from speaking so he can defend Biden. How ridiculous, hypocritical, and petty.

  14. Avatar

    He absolutely is gonna raise taxes if you take away Trump's tax cuts what do you think will happen? They just think we're that stupid That we don't pay attention to his words..

  15. Avatar

    You can tell Chris Wallace is pro Biden, What's he doing on Fox????

  16. Avatar

    Chris Wallace don't you have another human being to target other than our
    President! Stop scaring people of a 99.8% recovery rate. Why aren't you covering Hunter Bidens horrible tapes??

  17. Avatar

    Perhaps there is front page news that is being bypassed to push this false narrative. We want to move on from Covid.

  18. Avatar
    Marcin the pianist and organist

    Chros is terrible , his voice is so annoying

  19. Avatar

    Everything is Covid….Meanwhile no Flu, colds, or other illnesses.

  20. Avatar

    He's saying your a hack, Chris. Your father would be ashamed of your biased journalism.

  21. Avatar

    Chris wallace is such a tool. You have lost all credibility with a america

  22. Avatar

    Joe Biden is a liar. Everything I could say has been said. Vote Trump/Pence 2020.

  23. Avatar
    TheLambsChapel Vietnam

    Thank you Chris for looking for a shadow as the sun is shining through. More testing shows how many had Covid at some point. Not necessarily have it now. What other whao is me comments do you have? Flu cases being attributed to covid, of course lets not mention that

  24. Avatar
    Truck Drivin Patriot

    Not vaccinating.

  25. Avatar

    If your going to ask questions Chris u should let the person answer them. Even if u don't like it

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    To much biased. Bias against Trump and Biden. I like Chris Wallace. For he tries only to report proven, backup, truth. And he gets hated for it! lol… Which is usually a sign of good. For people tend to only listen to what they want to hear.

  28. Avatar

    Everyone hates you Wallace.

  29. Avatar

    by the way 85k out of the current pop is 0.024285714285714% and out of those current infected, how many are dead? exactly who gives a sh*t anymore about whos infected. The numbers are blown out of proportion and if we tested this vigorously for any other virus/illness people would be freaking the F out. I hate Wallace just another Dem spewing the same ol garbage. I look forward to tasting his salty tears in November.

  30. Avatar

    The democrat party is finished.
    It appears many African American voters are no longer buying into the Democratic Party’s campaign inciting racial tensions against President Donald Trump, as a daily tracking poll found on Friday that 46% of likely black voters approve of the job he is doing heading into the November election. Democrats are the enemy of America. 🇺🇸

  31. Avatar

    Get rid of the punk.

  32. Avatar

    Why are people saying you failed as a moderator? Because you won't shut up after asking a question. You're pathetic

  33. Avatar


  34. Avatar

    He needs a mute button.

  35. Avatar

    Why doesn’t anyone understand interpreting compounded statistics? You have a lot of new cases because we have so many tests. And yes, a vaccine in 2 months is a big change of factor.

  36. Avatar

    Wallace needs to work for CNN

  37. Avatar

    Wallace just another wannabe news creator…

  38. Avatar

    Chris Wallace sucked during the first debate and he continues to suck as a biased left wing shill

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