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Maya Rudolph's best ‘SNL’ moments as Kamala Harris

Plus, a look at the comedian’s reaction to learning Harris is joining the Democratic ticket. ABC’s Will Ganss has the story.

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    I am Democrats living in California . Kamala Harris did nothing for California . These people will sell our great country at least Trump will put America first . Trump2020 for sure now

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    how adorable
    you really think the DNC wants to take over right now…..
    especially with this mess. hiding the black female in the background with another white male…. how pathetic
    let the corona riots blow over. or as I call them….
    election riot tactics training.

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    I hope she keeps to the COMEDY, not the POLITICAL BIAS.
    Maya is funny as hell.

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    damn she did her on point lol

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    Let the propaganda begin!

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    SNL has a history of great political impersonations.

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    She really brings the idiot out of Kamala “blow” Harris ……

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    This is gonna be great! Can't wait…

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    When you're spoofed on SNL, you made the big time!

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    She's blacker than Kamala

  12. Avatar

    She would be a better pick.

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    I am obsessed with both

  14. Avatar

    would prefer dwayne johnson as kamala

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    Liberal cringe comedy ruined this show…

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    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Black Lives in Prison Matter

    SNL's political party is such a joke

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    Fun + Aunt = Funt
    Cool + Aunt = ???

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    George is looking like an old greek organ.

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    Be WISE. VOTE TRUMP 2020'' If you a Living Fish. Living Fish swim thro' the Current.

    DEAD fish FLOWS with the Current/Cultures/MEDIA – BIAS FAKE NEWS.

    America & the World NEEDs TRUMP

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    👎👹Kamala "the butcher" Harris likes killing little babies. 👶👼And wants to take your 2nd amendment rights away.  😠

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    Kamala is going to get destroyed by Trump, worse than what tulsi gabbard did to her during the debates, lol.

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    Biden has to be CRAZY

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    🆘 Remember Democrat Kamala Harris Doesn’t Think You Have The Right To Own A Gun. Don’t get into a gun fight with a knife 🔪 you will die.

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    Trump in 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    LORD! I can't wait!!!

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    always loved her…

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    Honestly .shes not funny

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    Maya gonna have to be careful cuz she nowhere near as African as Kamala

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    🆘 Democrat liberal California senator Kamala Harris who is Biden’s VP pick talks about a Coalition of conscience. Well Kamala has no conscience, she supports evil baby 👶🏻 killing abortion. Over 25 million black babies have been murdered by abortion and Kamala Harris took $81,000.00 from (Planned Parenthood) baby 👶🏻 killing abortion clinics in the USA. Fake Catholic Nancy Pelosi was caught trying to sneak full federal $funding$ for abortion into the Chinese coronavirus bill. Shame on both of them.

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    Trump just won the election. Thanks.

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    "Maya Rudolph, Your country calls, we require your service." Well said. Lorne Michaels couldn't have said it better!

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    Maya rudolph i love her acting

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    The dems must be held to a standard of Social Justice.

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