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Max Verstappen celebrates as Lewis Hamilton laments 'disastrous' German Grand Prix

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won a wet and crazily chaotic German Grand Prix littered with crashes and safety car periods on Sunday with Mercedes’ Formula One leader Lewis Hamilton finishing out of the points in 11th place.

In an extraordinary race of constantly changing fortunes, multiple pitstops and endless drama, Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel started last on the grid but finished second in front of his home crowd.

The Russian Daniil Kvyat, who became a father on Saturday, was an astonishing third to hand Red Bull’s sister team Toro Rosso their second ever podium place.

Mercedes, who finished empty-handed in their 200th start and in what looks likely to be the last German Grand Prix for some time given the race’s uncertain future, had won nine of the previous 10 races.
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  1. Avatar

    Don’t worry Lewis. It’s only one race and there are still a lot to come.

  2. Avatar

    Cream comes to the top lulu had no toys and less talent well done f1 the future is here at last

  3. Avatar

    Interviewing Lewis when he doesn't get P1 is cringy. You know he wants to go crazy but he's acting cool.

  4. Avatar

    He hasn't got another girlfriend has he? lol

  5. Avatar

    Max is the name

  6. Avatar

    Red Bull Honda and Toro Rosso Honda just Kicked in yo…!!!

  7. Avatar

    Max World F1 Champ!

  8. Avatar
    Michael Michael

    L. Hamilton punching air in his room

  9. Avatar
    Yeshua The King

    'THE illness put me back to human'

    These days with hybrides a odd expression 😏

  10. Avatar

    Doesn’t matter, another Mercedes title this year

  11. Avatar

    Lewis still the best. Top man.

  12. Avatar

    Honda victory on Mercedes territory.

  13. Avatar

    Lewis "Retire the car" Hamilton.
    Ooh I see, the "Never give up!", is for wenn you're in front and winning….

  14. Avatar

    Max was also ill in Malesia 2017 the last laps he hung to the side in his cockpit but he won nevertheless.

  15. Avatar

    Lewis needs to eat some freaking meat. That vegan diet is making him weak….

  16. Avatar
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Well it wasn't a home race but Austria is not to far away…from max is homeland

  17. Avatar
    Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    Congratulations MAX,had to pinch ur self at the end i'll bet…

  18. Avatar
    Not Sosig Ramsey

    First we had Medium Verstappen(Jos)

    Now we have Max Verstappen

  19. Avatar

    Everybody happy Mercedes lost!

  20. Avatar

    And then Hamilton showed him who’s boss in Hungary ! He was hunted down like an animal . Who’s you daddy max ? Hhhamilton is ! That settles it , end if discussion!

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