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Matthew McConaughey on 2020 election: Time to get constructive

Matthew McConaughey, Academy Award-winning actor, weighs in on his book, ‘Greenlights,’ the 2020 election and opens up about his family on ‘Fox & Friends.’

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  1. Avatar
    Journey Travelers

    Great show Fox & Friends , I liked the interview , Congrats on your new Book Matthew, Proud Father, living his life on values instilled in his childhood the American way , avoiding Political and Social unrest .. Trump 2020

  2. Avatar

    this guy is worth millions and he lives with that background behind him…really where is he ..

  3. Avatar

    "I don't care who the potus I'm still gonna be rich"…

  4. Avatar

    Declare your vote is nothing for me. American people never lived in socialism . They don’t know what’s horrible it is!

  5. Avatar

    I hope he is voting for Trump. It sounds like he is afraid to say because of the Hollywood crazies!!!

  6. Avatar

    that girl couldn't be happier to be talking to him

  7. Avatar

    That’s so cool about his grounded theory of “get constructive.” I didn’t know McConaughey had that sobering point of view. I’ll always remember Warren Buffet, big Hillary backer, said something very similar and mature the day after the election that we must respect the new president.

  8. Avatar
    Irredeemable Deplorable Covfefe

    I disagree. Destruction is not compete yet.

  9. Avatar
    Home Stuff Review

    I think you are not a fan of the president. I thank you, however, for your civility in the discussion. These days people seem to be idealogues and get irrational.

  10. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020💣💣💣💯💯💯💯

  11. Avatar

    Good morning brother Matthew Mcconaughey

  12. Avatar

    Matthew is so talented. If you guys want more from him in podcast form, check out “The Tim Ferris Show” ft Matthew. He’s great

  13. Avatar

    This makes me long for a Lincoln

  14. Avatar

    Very few people you can call legends.. he is one!🙏

  15. Avatar

    Talks the he did in the movie.

  16. Avatar

    West Virginia!! Nicely!

  17. Avatar

    Those values are what Mr president represents so if mr mcconaughey stands by those we will have a vote for Trump god bless America!!!!!!!!!

  18. Avatar

    I like Matthew, think he’s voting for Trump. Shame he can’t speak his mind, it would be the end of his career specially since he’s so desired now.

  19. Avatar

    Dividing is Dems entire game plan/specialty

    Why? That’s the marxist playbook “game plan”. Stir, and create hatred, ‘civil unrest’, to divide, thus weaken America.

  20. Avatar

    VOICE OF REASON!! we don’t see this from people in public view much! 🙏🏻 thank you Matthew! This is exactly what our country needed right now! No matter what side you are on. Thank you for your service to our country. I say that because you just stood up for “good” to speak UNITY, direction and calm. the battle against evil spirits that want to cause hate division and chaos. You just did a huge service to our country to fight this battle. ❤️

  21. Avatar

    I have english and Irish and Scottish and Norwegian loyalty and it doesnt do anything for me. Lol ivar the boneless Edward the confessor and so many others. And my goal is to go to saint Edward's church/ palace in England.

  22. Avatar

    Are you a good man?

  23. Avatar

    Idiot Matt!!! Come on Fox News!!!! This Clown?? White Shame Us and Make some $$$$, your not Texas!!!

  24. Avatar
    H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X

    Mud it is, then

  25. Avatar

    Finally! Hearing his natural, real voice. He's much more attractive here, being himself.

  26. Avatar

    "People looking for an identity and going to extremes" yep!

  27. Avatar

    When policies undercut your values and perpetuate an agenda that suppresses those values, there is no meeting in the middle. It causes civil unrest and will eventually lead to war.

  28. Avatar

    There has been nothing clean about this whole process leading up to this election who are you kidding there has been nothing clean since President Trump has been elected coming from the deep State left and our mainstream media and the corrupt outside forces giving them money to lie to the American people daily for the last 60 to a hundred years

  29. Avatar

    Celebrity culture is dead. No one cares to hear from dysfunctional people during catastrophes or a pandemic.

  30. Avatar
    Trina LovesQQPlus1745

    Hollywood Is Evil

  31. Avatar

    It's so refreshing you have a sensible person on to interview instead of the loonies

  32. Avatar
    William Banner Addis

    Doocey needs to go, hes an idiot

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