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Mask Debate in U.S. Rages On | NBC Nightly News

As infections soar, the battle over masks continues to heat up. In South Florida, demonstrators burned masks after Palm Beach County officials extended their mask mandate.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Mask Debate in U.S. Rages On | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    Friedrich Trump, German draft dodger, brothel owner, real estate investor, grandfather of Donald J. Trump went for a walk in NY in 1918 and collapsed. He died the following day from pneumonia, with or from the spanish flu, aged 49. It is not passed on wether he wore a mask. If I had to guess, I´d say he didn´t.

  2. Avatar

    If they don't want to wear a mask I hope they don't infect anyone but maybe they help to MAGA because they'll be gone 😂 2021🙌🙌

  3. Avatar

    Masks don’t work.

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    All you zombies that love to be told what to do by government. You need mommy and daddy to tell you what to do. You are the problem in this country. Grow up. I guess critical thinking is hard for ya'll.

  6. Avatar

    Were sick of the LIAR'S and plandemic.

  7. Avatar

    Ridiculous ….

  8. Avatar

    There is no debate. There ARE people who are NOT doing their patriotic duty and wearing a mask. These people are selfish and ignorant.

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Don't think I will give you a ride in my cab. Without a mask. And wear it right!!

  12. Avatar

    Florida is overpopulated! Covid is reducing the elderly, the poor and the unhealthy. Waiting in the wings: two-income Venezuelan families with technical degrees, excellent English and children they're eager to spend money on. The Republican party hopes to gain their voting loyalty. Three years of covid should open up a good chunk of real estate, especially by discouraging old people from moving here. The useful idiots at this protest don't look like computer scientists or engineers … They may not be able to compete. Oh, well. 🤗

  13. Avatar

    Idiots… Wear your mask.

  14. Avatar

    Welcome to America, where having to put a piece of cloth over your face to not die is political. Anyone outside the US please don’t ask because we don’t know either

  15. Avatar

    Testing positive beeen asymptomatic is like having a running nose and sore throat

  16. Avatar

    Anyone else wondering Where this stupidity came from?

  17. Avatar

    Just keep all those anti-maskers away from me. Far, far, far away!

  18. Avatar

    See how extreme democracy can back fired.

  19. Avatar

    0:12 This is every Trump -er. (guy on the right) Gleefully anti-science.

  20. Avatar

    FYI A book from early 70’s called
    New Sounds For Woodwinds.
    Covers all the wind instruments with all the poly chords and combinations… not all of them pleasing but sound effects nonetheless. Music is meant to inspire new sounds…always. What if they had never experimented further beyond the harpsichord then we never would’ve had the most creative musical complete instrument of all… The piano. Keep it up!

  21. Avatar

    Im NOT wearing a mask for this BS. However, I did wear a mask once for about 5 minutes so I could vote, and not be hassled. Masks, as they are, do nothing. Just open stores already…

  22. Avatar

    "There is no reason to wear masks. They are not effective." Dr Anthony Fauci — It's like 1,700 Americans being killed EVERY SINGLE DAY by Big Healthcare medical malpractice and deadly adverse reactions to Big Pharma drugs and vaxxes, and everyone not being concerned that the #3 cause of Death in America IS THE FOR-PROFIT BIG HEALTHCARE (sic) SYSTEM, where 46% of Covid patients in ER-ICU die in a chemical coma with a tube shoved down their throat, and the other 54% who 'survive' wake up as invalids in hospice and already medically bankrupted for life. NOT ONE WORD in the Media!

  23. Avatar

    I'm defiant ! The government told us not to wear masks. I didn't believe them. I have been wearing a mask in defiance ever since.

  24. Avatar

    If I was a cashier, I would get fired the first day. When someone came to the register with no mask, I would move 6 feet away.
    My arms aren't 6 feet long, sorry, I can't reach the register.

  25. Avatar

    Those who refuse mask should be refused treatment when they are infected with covid.

  26. Avatar

    I would vote to NOT provide medical treatment in hospitals for people which got the virus are very sick and who didn't wear a mask or agree with Trump and his puppets about herd immunity. DO NOT even ask them to pay a lot of money to save their worthless life, just let them die.

  27. Avatar

    👂🏽2 #FlintMichigan💦

    #ThankYou #MsLacy

  28. Avatar

    What a bunch of selfish arseholes.

  29. Avatar

    OMG🙄🙄🙄 what is this ? USA is supposed to be most educated ( both scientifically amd technological) country in world….
    Then why people do refuse wear mask…..even poorest coutries people wear mask….🙄🙄🙄🙄😪😪😪😪😪this will surge cases…

  30. Avatar

    Burn your masks. This fake pandemic is over when Trump wins. Reopen, no restrictions. This is not a discussion.

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