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Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Official Trailer

Higher. Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, in theaters March 8, 2019.

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  1. Avatar

    I watched captain marvel , even tho 99% of YouTube didn’t recommend it , and I didn’t regret a thing , it was a super cool and great movie , I’m happy I went and checked it anyways , so many haters for nothing like seriously….

  2. Avatar

    Movie was amazing

    Edit:the trailer gave nothing away that's why people weren't sure about the movie

  3. Avatar

    Approximately 99,000 kree warriors disliked this video.

  4. Avatar

    do i have to watch infinity ward before this?

  5. Avatar

    The most irritating scene in this movie

    How Nick fury lost his eye

  6. Avatar

    Favourite movie. Im getting that sad feeling after you watch a really good movie and you just want to see the characters again.

  7. Avatar

    "English" is an universal language

  8. Avatar

    Ok movie. Lots of dialogue, little smart quotes here and there's. Space suit looks like cockadoo flying around. Got sleepy half way through.

  9. Avatar

    It sucked even worse than we thought.

  10. Avatar

    Awful movie. I tried. I gave it a chance and trusted in Marvel. What a waste. Brie Larson absolutely ruined what could've been a great movie. Don't waste your time or money. Hopefully she will die in Endgame and the MCU will save it's future.

  11. Avatar

    I said hi to brie Larsson

    My court date is next Thursday

  12. Avatar

    I dunno guys, I cant watch her anymore as I used to before all this brie larson drama, shes just the worst

  13. Avatar

    It was refreshing, as a woman and as a geek, to watch a movie with a female action hero that wasn't ABOUT the fact that she's female. No flirty bs, no romantic bs, just straight down to business with saving the world. I was impressed with how they did this one and impressed with Brie Larson's performance. The best friend and the cat were awesome too. 2 minor complaints about the music: 1) Nirvana and Hole should not be on the same soundtrack IMO; 2) "Just A Girl" felt a little out of place in the scene where they used it. But these things didn't detract from the movie being awesome overall.
    I do have another complaint, but it applies to superhero movies at large and not just this one – there really needs to be an Asian female lead superhero like, now, instead of there just being the stereotypical "hot Asian badass side character chick" that they did end up doing in this movie too. But I know it's a big corporation and Disney likes to take baby steps on broadening their diversity standards, so I know that won't happen for a while. I said Disney, but Hollywood in general really.

  14. Avatar

    Ahhh, stop editing the comments. I don't watch many movies and just wanted a general idea if I should give this a try. 1 million likes, 100 thousand dislikes so one person in ten disliked it, those are good numbers. So why do you feel the need to edit the comments so EVERY single one is about how great the movie is?

  15. Avatar

    Is that true Thanos will be killing captain Marvel? Big fan of Thanos.

  16. Avatar

    This is the worst movie of the MCU universe. I fear Captain Marvel will ruin Avengers Endgame. If so, Thanos wins.

  17. Avatar

    Absolute garbage actress to play such an important roll. The cat stole the show is all I can say.

  18. Avatar

    something i wander. DC has a captain marvel to. Did that never become like drama Marvel versus DC namestealing the marvel name lawsuit and lawsuit and lawsuit and such?

  19. Avatar

    and the award for most mary sue character of the year goes to…..

  20. Avatar

    Captain marvel is not good as i expect 😑, looks like a low budget movie compared to Avengers,Thor and all..

  21. Avatar

    Sexist movie. Period. "I'm just a girl!" Lol!

  22. Avatar

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I loved this film.

  23. Avatar

    Пащему это баба?

  24. Avatar

    Looks like a low-budget scifi movie.

  25. Avatar

    Am i the one who watch this trailer because of Avengers Endgame?

  26. Avatar

    big fan of marvel have all the movies but watched captain marvel bre larson shouldn’t have been captain marvel not funny not charismatic condescending personality 👎🏼

  27. Avatar

    Whhhhaaa! I still haven't seen this yet😥

  28. Avatar

    after all the negative stuff i heard and watched online about this movie. we watched it today with the wife and son. it was great. my wife didnt fall asleep for once. so i get why captain marvel is the leader of the avengers. ahe saved the life of nick fury as well

  29. Avatar

    amazing movie very good film and story and actors

  30. Avatar

    Mary Sue I see you. What a way to end the mcu on a bad note.
    Disgusting feminists.

  31. Avatar

    Don't listen to the bad reviews and watch it for yourself, I personally really liked it, and it shows you how Nick Fury came to be… well Nick Fury. For me that's pretty important in itself as fan. Definitely worth the watch to be fully prepped for Endgame.

  32. Avatar

    captain marvel is awesome ;i lve this movie its so awesome

  33. Avatar

    Captain Marvel, please marry SHE-RA on the new Netflix cartoon. New Season 2 She-Ra comes out tomorrow.

  34. Avatar

    Last time eye trusted someone Eye lost and I

  35. Avatar

    Horseshit movie. Don't waste your money.

  36. Avatar

    This movie didn't promise. This movie didn't deliver.

  37. Avatar

    No jokes, no quips, no semi funny one liner's. Just will say it was a decent watch. Nothing great, but definitely good enough to get through a bowl of popcorn. Enjoy!

  38. Avatar

    The main protagonist was an absolute disappointment to be honest. This could've been a stellar movie to release before Endgame, but it turned out to be just a major let down.

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