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Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Big Game Spot

“You don’t know everything about me.” Watch the Big Game spot for Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.

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  1. Avatar

    Mysterio: Thor and Iron Man rolled into 1
    Taskmaster: Captain America & Iron Man & Hawkeye rolled into 1

  2. Avatar

    Who even cares about black widow

  3. Avatar

    This movie looks so good but these trailers really need to stop it with the screeching air horn noises.

  4. Avatar

    How taskmaster doing Captain America skills

  5. Avatar

    I will be checking this out and reviewing it for sure.😎🙄

  6. Avatar

    Omg this looks awesome can't wait. She is a queennnn

  7. Avatar

    Why has this lost 200,000 views?

  8. Avatar

    Why did the notification of it uploading come 5 days after?

  9. Avatar

    I wish my private parts were as big as her 👃

  10. Avatar

    Black widow: they dont know anything about me
    Marvel studios: we know

  11. Avatar

    Why keep employing this horrible, one dimensional actress? Oh. Bewbz.

  12. Avatar

    Fun fact

    This was uploaded in my birthday but on that day I was a lazy git who didnt check her notifications

  13. Avatar

    Omg I really like Black Widow suit in here wow so awesome and cool so fit to ScarJo and she is so perfect for this role.

  14. Avatar

    She not die in avengers engame???

  15. Avatar

    That scene of them holding hands in a rubble feels like an ending.

  16. Avatar

    Me gustaba más cuando tenia chichis

  17. Avatar

    She is actually dead people in MCU universe.

  18. Avatar

    The directing looks bland and the CGI looks clunky. I really hope this turns out good.

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