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Maria Kolesnikova charged with causing harm to Belarusian national security

The Investigative Committee of Belarus released the information on their official Telegram channel:


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    They should've thought about that before she tried a power grab coup, like Venezuela!

  2. Avatar

    Alexander lukashenko is a dictator in belarus that jail's and kill's opposition in belarus

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    One month after falsified elections and brutal bestings, tortures and killings and there is till no sanctions!
    Stop talking about it, do it already! There are still in Belarus some unidentified bandits grabbing people off the streets!

  5. Avatar

    Yeah because not wanting rigged elections is "national harm"

  6. Avatar

    She's causing harm to Lukashenko's job security.

  7. Avatar


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    Kidnapping threats by the hundreds of loved ones of the tortured or the "dissapeared" detainees made for way too much danger for his kids to be living in Minsk, and the news today is they have been sent to Moscow to study at Universities there, with surnames changed, most probably under the protection of KGB was part of the deals made with Putin;
    Announce an interim successor,
    resign from office,
    we protect your kids.
    The entire Belarus government was fired again today, all new faces!
    He did this a week before elections, and did it about two months before elections too!
    So three new governments in three months but always the same dictator.
    Give it two more weeks Lukashenko will be following his kids to Moscow.
    I suspect and recommend the ex health minister, now mayor of Grodno to be the interim president, he is very intelligent, level headed, and well liked by all sides; he defied Lukashenko's lunatic dismissal of covid 19
    and did excellent job of keeping the death toll low in Belarus, despite Lukashenko announcing masks are only for Sissys, nobody in Belarus will die from it, drinking more vodka and the fresh air at hockey games cures it, and it is only a mass psychosis….
    Note: the first people to "illegally protest" against Lukashenko, challenge his authority at risk of jail time this summer were doctors and nurses.

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