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Margaret Ferrier: MP resists calls to resign after breaking COVID-19 rules as police investigate

MP Margaret Ferrier is to be investigated by the police after she travelled between London and Glasgow despite knowing she had coronavirus.

She has been kicked out of the SNP – but has resisted calls to step down as an MP.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “I have no power to force an MP to resign but I hope she will do the right thing.”

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  1. Avatar

    She shouldn't be asked to resign. She should be sacked, fined 10k, her parliamentary house taken and sent to live in a Nursing Home.

  2. Avatar

    What I want to know is how did she get caught exactly ?

  3. Avatar
    Georgina O’Hara

    “We all make mistakes”????? Really though???? These are the same voters who would be screaming from the rooftops if it were a Tory or labour MP who had selfishly acted in such a way.
    Here in Scotland there is one rule for snp & their voters & another for us unionists.

  4. Avatar

    Very good precedent.

  5. Avatar

    Sturgeon talking with forked tongue as usual, as all snakes do.

  6. Avatar

    This “ lady “ should be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law both in fines and time in prison

  7. Avatar

    Government representative acting without ethics, lying and cheating. Shocker

  8. Avatar

    Jail her and maximum fine , throw her out of the job , no pension, no redundancy,

  9. Avatar

    Why aren’t the media and demonstrators outside her door – what she did was 100 times worse than Cummings but MSM will not keep this report going. SNP and the loony left can do no wrong…. even when they break the law.

  10. Avatar

    SNP are finished. Too many clueless errors and dodgey members!.

  11. Avatar

    Why should she resign Dominic Cummings didn’t resign. #CummingsClause

  12. Avatar

    As she travelled to parliament, the whole of parliament should now self isolate for 14 days….. Oh, and she should get a £10,000 fine.

    One rule for them, one rule for us.

  13. Avatar

    Prediction , the publicity will increase and after a time she will resign .

  14. Avatar

    She's just one of them that got caught,

  15. Avatar

    Government is a joke.

  16. Avatar

    Has anyone stopped to think how crazy this is becoming! Since the year dot people have gone about on public transport and gone into work with colds and virus’s coughing and spluttering all over the place! We are now being told our cough is somebody else’s death knell! It always has been! Thousands die every year through contracting colds and virus’s from other people they were never classed as potential killers! This is so getting out of control

  17. Avatar

    So sky have the facts, that’ll be a first then

  18. Avatar

    Massive cant like Cummins

  19. Avatar

    These State criminals dictating the rules are really good at breaking their own rules.

  20. Avatar

    This is why I don't listen to these morons, most people have decided to just take there chances now. It's not even that bad.

  21. Avatar

    Cummings drove to see his family during lockdown 'Hang him!!!' Cried the Remoaners… She is ill get's on public transport to get there then get's on train back! And she called for Cummings's head… The irony is unreal at the minute..

  22. Avatar

    Career OVER!!!!!

  23. Avatar

    She needs to drive to Barnard Castle to make sure her eyesight is okay.

  24. Avatar

    It's okay.. Just normal life.. Never any consequences for the elites or rioting minorities… Just the law's 'turning a blind eye' to everyone except the law-abiding citizens as usual.

  25. Avatar

    Travelling the length and breadth of the country with a cold. Can we not use the firing squad? 😂😂😂

  26. Avatar

    We need a new guy Fawkes for 2020

  27. Avatar

    One rule for them. Its not surprising really.

  28. Avatar

    starling and his family eat beluga caviar and drank champagne every day whilst the rest of Russia.

  29. Avatar

    Check Dr Vernon Coleman for a common-sense, accurate, rational and analytical viewpoint on the current concerns with health and the Government https://brandnewtube.com/@DrVernonColeman

  30. Avatar

    Keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to everlasting life!

  31. Avatar

    She should be sacked, Boris's dad should be charged as should Corbyn. There is no 1 rule for thee and a different 1 for me. Start punishing these people.

  32. Avatar

    Sir Patrick Vallance (Chief Medical Advisor to the Government) is a £600,000 shareholder in one of the companies (GlaxoSmithKline) contracted by the Government to develop and sell their mandated vaccine. Chris Whitley (Chief Medical Officer) has previously been awarded a £31 million grant from the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation to finance one of his projects. No conflict of interests there, then, just the usual cesspit of corruption, arrogance and lies. (Source:


  33. Avatar

    They only punish those who are a threat to the system eg piers Corbyn

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