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Marcus Rashford and his mother volunteer at Manchester food bank

The Manchester United and England player says he has been ‘blown away’ by local businesses offering support for his free school meals campaign after MPs voted against extending the provision into the half-term and Christmas holiday.
Marcus Rashford visited the food bank charity FareShare in Greater Manchester where a new warehouse has been named after his mother, Melanie.
Earlier this month Rashford was awarded an MBE for his work in combating child food poverty during the Covid pandemic
Marcus Rashford: public rallies behind campaign to end child food poverty

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  1. Avatar

    I love this guy. If only more people could show this empathy this world would be a mum nicer place

  2. Avatar

    its a shame people still criticising rashford despite being on the forefront talking about child poverty which is a national issue and has raised awareness. rashford is a role model that kids need especially during a crisis

  3. Avatar

    Marcus Rations

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    UK government hang your heads in shame I'm not a football fan at all but this lad has shown more compassion than the whole of Parliament put together 👏👏👏👏

  6. Avatar

    You'd litterally think he was the first person to try to get food for poor children, almost embarrassing now!

  7. Avatar

    What a nice lad ☺️

  8. Avatar

    What an incredible human being Marcus is… well done to him!

  9. Avatar

    “Someone did something”! Great headline

  10. Avatar

    lol what is that supposed to protect him from

  11. Avatar

    Someone explain I dont understand how this is an issue people are losing there jobs so whne sending there kids to school why csnt they get free meals I dont no how we dont have any money for it but they have mo eyes to give themselves a pay rise I really dont see how people can think this is ok

  12. Avatar

    Wonder if he would be doing it after a minimum waged 9-5.

  13. Avatar

    Why doesn't Marcus give some of his £70k per week pay to feed the kids instead of asking the government?

  14. Avatar
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    Why is this downvoted lol? This is awesome that someone in his position would campaign for this and actually help out.

  15. Avatar

    Admirable considering the government wants you all to starve and struggle!

  16. Avatar

    The negative comments on here make me feel ashamed to be British. I can’t wait for Scottish Independence.

  17. Avatar
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    A top guy, gets out and does things, takes actions, not just words…..long may he continue to rattle cages in the government….from a Leeds United fan.

  18. Avatar

    Well done Marcus

  19. Avatar

    I wish I had been 10% of the man Marcus Rashford is.

  20. Avatar

    So why doesn't he donate his wage down to the national average wage if he feels so strongly about it?

  21. Avatar

    Time to move to manchester then to get me some free meals.
    Where u stopping next rashford? lmk I want some free food bro, Im hungry af
    Got any burgers left? Im in the mood for some burgers rn

  22. Avatar

    This reminds me of when Hilary & Carlton volunteer at that homeless shelter in Fresh Prince and Carlton serves Cornish Hen.

  23. Avatar

    don't give up the day job

  24. Avatar

    who's paying for these "free school meals"? Why don't the parents pay for the meals and if they can't its sounds like a financial problem and the child should be temporarily moved out till the parent can get into a stable financial position.

  25. Avatar

    Surprising that jamie oliver hasn't jumped back on the school dinner bandwagon

  26. Avatar

    if he came from the wealthy background would he be the footballer he is today?

  27. Avatar

    Look at all these unwashed, lefty guardian readers buying into this BS, you scruffs get benefits to buy food for your brats, but no, prefer a sky subscription or a mobile, and want more taxpayers money.

  28. Avatar

    Great that he is making a stand. 👍

  29. Avatar

    Is he still keeping hold of his 300k a week

  30. Avatar

    This lad is 22 and he shows more compassion than his own government.

  31. Avatar

    Top geezer. Sunny enitt

  32. Avatar

    Nice to see someone doing what they believe in .unlike Lineker who said he would take in a migrant but still hasn’t found one suitable.

  33. Avatar

    Nice photo op.

  34. Avatar

    The visor isn’t effective though.

  35. Avatar

    Funny that Rashford is out there volunteering and fighting for change, yet all the politicians are doing what ??!?!?!? But refusing to extend free school meals. Boils my blood

  36. Avatar

    Rashy is classy

  37. Avatar

    Learnt about Marcus rashford in school I'm year 3 hi Marcus

  38. Avatar

    Four cough Guardian.

  39. Avatar

    That's it, the rich don't understand because they haven't been through it. Bet they never had coat hangers as TV aerials neither. Fair play to this guy

  40. Avatar

    I think it's the parents responsibility to feed their children, not that of schools, or the state. I don't understand how with the multitude of benefits available how somebody would not be able to afford to feed their children? Actually I've seen inside pubs/betting shops, I understand it perfectly.

    Hold people accountable for their actions, if the kids aren't being fed it's down to social services.

  41. Avatar

    Proud to be British. Ashamed of our government.

  42. Avatar

    He and his football pals get over £200,000 a week they could use some of their money to help as well

  43. Avatar

    Genuine guy 👍🏼

  44. Avatar

    As I'm Arsenal fan, I truly respect Marcus Rashford of saying that government should provide free school meals for kids who are from poor backgrounds. Government are yet understand it!

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