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Marc Miller says Indigenous communities need "space" after violent N.S. fishery incidents

After a work van was set on fire and a catch of lobster was destroyed when a crowd of commercial fishermen allegedly vandalized two fishing compounds in southwestern Nova Scotia on Tuesday, one of the latest incidents between Mi’kmaw fisherman and non-Indigenous fishermen, Canadian Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller was asked Thursday about the RCMP’s response.

Miller called the incident “alarming” and that “space needs to be given for negotiations to be had under very difficult circumstances” with Chief Michael Sack of Sipekne’katik First Nation and “his people.”

Sipekne’katik First Nation Chief Michael Sack on Thursday blasted the RCMP response to calls after angry mobs damaged two facilities that handle lobster catches from Mi’kmaw fishers on Tuesday.
Sack said in one case, he had been told RCMP officers were the ones that “kicked the door-in.”

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    Covid-19 Comes from a Wuhan BSL4 Lab

    notice Global did absolutely ZERO coverage of Hunter Biden but will report if in if Trump sneezes out of sync? vermin

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    F them. We have almost all possible nations here in Canada. They will not be Gods anymore

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    Typical of The Indi Genous

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    One law and shut off their Welfare.

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    Cant the government just buy a couple licenses from the established local market, designate them to the band for commercial use within a regulated framework? And then allow natives to fish small amounts for subsistence not resale?

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    Maybe Im wrong but this Marc guy seems way out of character to be the Minister here in this situation. What relevant experience does he have?

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    What they need is a government with a backbone to step up and support them.

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    Him and Trudy have the same advisor. They both sound like morons

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    The Third Eye. The Pyramids.

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    Bill Gates met with all Ontario & mayors across Canada through Harvard University in April to dictate how to remove citizen's freedoms. In 2009 Gates also did experiments on 23,000 young Indian girls on an experimental HPV vaccine that left 1,200 girls with severe auto-immune diseases and fertility disorders.

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    so they're blaming racism on this? whites?

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    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Since when they became more important than other people?

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    Destroy the treaties with Canada, they had their hundreds of years of chances. I'd rather roll the dice and draw up another negotiation and bring Russia to Canadian soil. It's nothing but complicit useless RCMP here…. more like Gestapo.

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    The RCMP did not do their job! They need to do better

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    The RCMP let 23 people get gunned down 6 months ago without so much as a call in to the radio or tv station to warn the public they are not racist just evil and incompetent.

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    This community will never advance in society with the mindset they have. It is very backwards. They want everything handed to them instead of not earning it. And in the process they use acient old history against Canadians of 2020.

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    Let everyone fish year round, problem solved. According to the government "seasons" are just red tape.

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    The RCMP aren’t as useless as the lobster poachers .

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    Yes and they need the RCMP to do its job, round up and arrest the vandals who care nothing for private property.

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    Q. what's a indians favorite wine?

    A. give me back my land.

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    I keep an open mind and we are all spinning on this earth without knowing why. Please just remember that huffing gold spray paint on Queen and Bathurst hurts the environment. Thank you

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    If they want a mercenary for hire to torch some commercial boats, get in touch!

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    The Nova Scotians can enjoy their miseries. They voted Liberal and now they can reap it.

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    If the RCMP do there job, Justin Trudeau would be in jail right now

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    Natives want the RCMP to step in and stop protesters when it effects them but they didn’t care when natives set up blockades in highways and the railway, blocking food and supplies to Atlantic Canada.

    The RCMP is right to let the protesters do their thing. And the natives are just a bunch of cry babies and hypocrites.

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    Let the protesters voice their opinion.

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