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Manitoba has highest number of COVID-19 cases per capita

Manitoba more than doubled its previous record for the most new COVID-19 cases announced on one day, with 480 infections on Friday, in a week that has broken new records for daily cases and hospitalizations day after day.

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  1. Avatar
    Lawrence Williamson


  2. Avatar

    How the hell can they test that fast.

  3. Avatar

    Positive tests are not the same as cases. Remember that.

  4. Avatar

    is 480 cases for population of 1.3 million a lot? can someone put this in perspective for me?

  5. Avatar

    Code red code red lockerdown

  6. Avatar
    Elazar de Lusignan M.

    Respiratory & lung conditions caused by mask wearing will soon be epidemic. This tyranny is both myopic & lacking in what was once known as common sense.

  7. Avatar

    Really?????????? I claim bs.

  8. Avatar

    I dont believe any of this crap anymore

  9. Avatar
    Punk Rachmaninoff

    brian pallister asked for this with his red state health policy.

  10. Avatar

    And everyone recovers.

  11. Avatar

    Funny after they mandated masks cases spike. Even though it's a 90% false positive rate

  12. Avatar

    Whatever burn down this country.

  13. Avatar

    Its aly tring to look us down more

  14. Avatar

    Keep this in mind, the results are from the tests done by 3 days before, or even 5 days before. Imagine now!

  15. Avatar

    Stop spreading fear you dirty smear merchants

  16. Avatar

    Code red = Chin@ making their move

  17. Avatar

    Boycott all mainstream media

  18. Avatar

    The public discussion about covid has to shift to 'what evidence do you need to see before you concede the public safety guidelines for covid are over the top, unnecessary and causing more harm than good?' Why is that subject not allowed to be discussed? It's already obvious from cases spiking while there is NO corresponding, relative rise in deaths.

  19. Avatar

    How many caught a cold, how many got the flu and most importantly, how many recovered? This is a normal flu season with a fancy name media hype and a political agenda.

  20. Avatar

    Means absolutely nothing.

  21. Avatar
    Caelan Riley Friesen

    What's with this "code red". Like oh no some people got the flu during flu season we need to come up with a scary yet cliche name so that we can give ourselves more power 🙄

  22. Avatar

    Palluster govt is useless, all the colours used mean nothing. They compare April to now and say we, the public are at fault. Yes, some are, but your baby steps during the marathon mean nothing. In April, stores were limited, schools shut. 25 percent capacity means the people standing by covid positive person still get infected. Brutal, balance means cater to business owners who aren’t front line essential, when we can’t even keep hospitals safe. Shut down for two weeks, it’s not u pallister who’s at risk.goof.

  23. Avatar

    F U, Tyranny!! Did you not get the memo?!
    The CBC's Crimes Against The People of Canada will be paid for! Evil Traitors!!;(

  24. Avatar

    Backlogged cases! Not a surge…… at this point even if the things these lunatics are saying, they lied too much to even trust at this point….. are all people in ICUs even need intensive care or is it protocol for certain symptoms so they dont get worse?…. why did they count backlogged cases the day before Halloween? And why isn't the new mask situation put into place immediately as opposed to days later to start off the week?

  25. Avatar

    Why are you on the street? Let me see your papers.
    See France…

  26. Avatar

    Conholio Vivus is a War on People.

  27. Avatar

    It's called the flu.

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