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Police in Melbourne are hunting a man after an “unprovoked attack” outside a fast food restaurant last month. The assault left the 49-year-old man unconscious and with a shattered cheek that required reconstructive surgery. In other news, the New South Wales government is in crisis mode this morning. Deputy Liberal leader Stuart Ayres has defended his actions over the appointment of former deputy premier John Barilaro to a trade role in the US. Meanwhile, minister Eleni Petinos has been sacked over allegations of bullying. Subscribe and 🔔: | Get more breaking news at

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0:00 Fast food attack
0:20 NSW Government in crisis mode
3:20 Gas shortage crisis
5:14 Morrison sworn in
6:03 Queensland mayor pleads guilty
7:19 School protest
7:57 Sydney football match brawl
9:23 Property prices plummet
9:54 Bali Maccas run
10:25 Beirut silo collapse
10:50 Boris Johnson holds wedding party
11:12 Royals wish Lionesses luck
11:48 Kate Middleton on the water

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