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Madrid claps for healthcare workers amid coronavirus lockdown

People living in Madrid stood on balconies and leaned out of windows to clap and cheer doctors and healthcare workers on Saturday evening following a campaign launched on social media to show appreciation after the Spanish government declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus.
People have been ordered to stay at home for two weeks unless they have to buy food or medicine or go to work or hospital as Spain has become the country most affected by the coronavirus in Europe after Italy.
Spain orders nationwide lockdown to battle coronavirus

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  1. Avatar

    Hope they do this in the U.S. In times like these they are the 1st line of defense. My GF is a Respiratory Therapist.

  2. Avatar

    Go Spain! From Portugal 🇵🇹

  3. Avatar

    Great people of Spain and Europe
    They will defeat corona

  4. Avatar

    We need more of this showing appreciation to all those people risking their lives every day trying to save us 🥰 I hope all the people trying to save us gets a big vacation after this 😅

  5. Avatar

    not the first video ive saw with a lot of clap in it

  6. Avatar

    Love from Italy ❤ Stay at home, even if it is difficult. It is the only way. After all this is gone, we will all do huge parties 😄. Hugs 🇮🇹😘🇪🇸

  7. Avatar

    Bless all the worlds health care workers!! Thank you for your sacrifices 🙏🙏

  8. Avatar

    Meanwhile just wash your hand and sing happy birthday
    -From England

  9. Avatar

    We can’t keep self isolating or the economy will go bust, we will go back to the stone ages were people died in their 30s

  10. Avatar

    Don't forget to wash your hands after this 😅

  11. Avatar

    Why had it taken this long for ppl to show gratitude to hospitals an staff sn doctors there underpaid now everyone wants there help its funny because your paying all these footballers louds money but they cant save you in time of need or help

  12. Avatar

    Tears in my eyes…makes a person refocus..what's really important

  13. Avatar

    2moro morning can dance party make friend in balcony.. Froza Italia

  14. Avatar

    But I don't see health care workers…….?

  15. Avatar

    We're too busy washing our hands to clap.

  16. Avatar

    Humanity at its best. From the UK.👍👍

  17. Avatar

    Will France be the third or fourth most infected country in Europe ? After all, she is in the sandwich of the two most infected EU countries.

  18. Avatar

    Awesome! What a gesture! Tears in my eyes. Love and prayers to all.

  19. Avatar

    It was not only in Madrid, but everywhere in Spain (Madrid, A Coruña, Córboda, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, etc). Everyone stood on balconies at 10PM on the 14th to cheer the amazing healthcare workers who are giving their lives to save others´.

  20. Avatar

    how emotional…how amazing human beings can be to express gratitude….thank you Spain and Italy

  21. Avatar

    ¡A mal tiempo buena cara!


    Un abbraccio forte da Napoli 💙

  22. Avatar

    NHS staff deserve the same level of respect if not more

  23. Avatar

    I used to cough to disguise a fart, nowadays I fart to disguise my cough

  24. Avatar

    La Viva Espana.
    Lovely thing to see ,
    Stay strong 👍

  25. Avatar

    Why schools not shut down yet

    Children need to be safe

    So many people have benefits of fewer population in UK 😠😑😐

  26. Avatar

    Yes applaud the Doctors and nurses

  27. Avatar

    Tories would be booing instead.

  28. Avatar

    Are you sure this isn’t America? Only Americans clap

  29. Avatar

    It looks almost like in hell

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