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Madeleine McCann suspect Christian B investigated over second girl's disappearance – BBC News

More details are emerging of the new suspect in the Madeleine McCann case.

The man has been named as Christian B, a 43-year-old German, who is currently serving a prison sentence.
According to German media reports he is also being investigated in connection with the disappearance of a five-year-old girl in Germany.

He’s believed to have been in the same part of southern Portugal when three-year-old Madeleine went missing while on holiday in 2007.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Gavin Lee in the Algarve.

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  1. Avatar

    Put me and him in a room alone and I'll make him spill the beans

  2. Avatar

    And idiots still think the parents did it.

  3. Avatar

    "Why portuguese police haven't picked up this man with an extensive criminal past before that" well why haven't british police??? lol

  4. Avatar

    Do not believe this for a second.

  5. Avatar

    Wake up before its too late..

  6. Avatar
    Secret Billionaire

    I still believe the Portuguese investigator and the sniffer dogs.

  7. Avatar
    Debbi Catchpole

    Such b/s people, they the BBC still pushing thee lie!!! Lock up thee government cover up and MI6, wth the b/s lies BBC pushing out lie due to watchdog series, so flawed full of MIS negotiation and cover up so in true, why now new info, it's nothing but a distraction people, Portuguese cop, said his truth, back in the day, and his repetionation, has been ruined, he said poor madliene, wasn't kid napped, she was murdered, and thee parents are guilty, our government covered it up, and the Irish family Gav witness testimony to Scotland yard, that Gerry was seen, carrying wot look look a sleepy child/ or dead child in his arms!!! Watch Gemma o Doherty, testimony from witness statements!!! Thee stiff a dog's, in Portugal evidence, thee dogs don't make mistakes!!! Our governments lie!! Arrest the parents, they r guilty, and they still continue the lie, to make money, from a dead child, it's disgraceful and and disgusting, and our evil government, and MI6, should be made accountable for this evil corruption and cover up!

  8. Avatar
    Secret Billionaire

    Hopefully this guy mentions Madeleine's parents.

  9. Avatar
    Aitor Fernández

    I wonder how many more distraction cards they still hold.

  10. Avatar

    Shame on the McCanns👎🏻

  11. Avatar
    Tylerstiles06 -

    Right here me out just interrogate him hard now and get it done like jesus isn't this year bad enough

  12. Avatar
    Tylerstiles06 -

    Probably the wrong guy 😂😂

  13. Avatar

    All sex offenders need publicity de-gendered. See how many offenders we have after a few years of that. Let's start with the MPs too

  14. Avatar

    They think he done it.

  15. Avatar
    Rowena Cranmer

    Sorry, if he wont tell where her body is, he did not do it, he is trying to get "famous".

  16. Avatar

    It's bullshit, her parents did it. everyone is just sick of hearing about coronavirus and racism, so their trying to bring some other news out.

  17. Avatar

    Of course call him Christian,, if it is his name it's still a setup,, the length that errant individuals will go to,, I'm talking way higher than that you see here

  18. Avatar

    Bullshit! He was looked into 3 years ago. This is the biggest scam going. Her parents know exactly what happened and she wasn’t taken by no bloody stranger!

  19. Avatar
    David Henderson

    No one is buying .

  20. Avatar
    Sabeeta Saroay

    I don't believe this . I'm sorry but years later all this so called evidence and still no arrests? You guys have had enough time to make up anything you want and have a escape goat already and waiting for the slaughter

  21. Avatar

    Mate her parents killed her…. Let's get over it

  22. Avatar

    how tf did they miss this guy for 13 years?

  23. Avatar

    He needs to give up the poor girl location before I believe he did it

  24. Avatar

    This piece of shit needs to be hanged. Why the fuck do we need people like this on this Earth. Bring back Capital Punishment for fuck sake!

  25. Avatar

    Waste of money looking for a kid. Parents should be sentenced for child neglect

  26. Avatar

    There finally about to solve this case

  27. Avatar

    Line a street and give everybody razor blades make him walk the length of the street and let everybody slash him see how long he lasts if people take it easy he’ll suffer 😂 cut his Achilles’ tendons so make it more of a challenge

  28. Avatar

    I'm not sure how I found Christian B's Portugal home, by looking at the sign on his house, ..thx Google map: … 15mins away from McCann's Resort.

  29. Avatar

    I wish they would kill this soulless piece of trash first thing in the morning.


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    Those parents…

  31. Avatar
    ABHYAAS solutions - BIRJU SIR


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    do you guys not realise how hard it is to solve cases like this? youre not the police. why dont you give it ago.

  33. Avatar

    What a disgusting looking person

  34. Avatar

    The McCann family did it I am psychic, trust me

  35. Avatar
    Military Action

    To Much Problem in 2020


  36. Avatar

    Locals are sick and tired of this case, never mind querying why a German wasn't investigated, the guy in the straw hat knows nothing

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