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Macron says Islam ‘in crisis’, prompting backlash from Muslims

French President Emmanuel Macron has called “radical Islam” the biggest threat to French society.
He also claimed, “Islam was in crisis around the world”.
Macron has outlined proposals for a new anti-separatism law aimed at improving integration and combatting religious divisions in the country.
Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports.

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  1. Avatar
    children's entertainment

    Islam is not like other religions.
    That's right, God has sent down all religions, but you have changed other religions Islam has not changed. God protects Islam religion .
    for it is the last religion sent down by God.
    It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.
    That is why God protects Islam
     ( إنا نحن نزلنا الذكر وإنا له لحافظون )

  2. Avatar
    Qari Abdul-Basit Abdus-Samad

    Shame on you Macron. Stupid President. Just because Blessed Erdogan chased him out of Libya where they have been killing and stealing Libyan people. Shame on you Stupid Macron.

  3. Avatar

    Dumbass macron

  4. Avatar
    Paradoxical Brothers

    Macron is crisis

  5. Avatar

    whole religion is in crisis

  6. Avatar

    This ia same macron France who let islamophobes draw pictures of others prophets and de-humanize minorities and the weak.

  7. Avatar

    I cant stand this guy for some reason

  8. Avatar

    I am not surprised. It's even funnier in Indonesia. Muslim majority country but the incompetent government getting busy labeling Islamic organizations that criticize government policies as radical Islamists just to shut them down. Trying to find a scapegoat for the failure to lead the nation is what they're good at.

  9. Avatar

    All people in video on this market look not European. They dress differently to us Europeans and they have different culture. Huge mistake to allow such migration to France. It is a disaster that will end badly. They fail to integrate. I don't like burqas and hijabs. These should be banned in Christian societies.

  10. Avatar

    It’s not crises but it’s that’s how it is since beginning.

  11. Avatar

    Well maybe he should force Christianity or more conservative values on his people and they wouldnt be going towards Islam?

  12. Avatar

    Nice Macron.

  13. Avatar

    The fastest growing religion is in crisis ?

  14. Avatar

    Dignity of France is dead !!! because of under Macron. He failled also his domestic issues, we see continueously on tv that people of France are demonstrating against hem. The results of the Local elections held in this year has showed a negative support to Macron. And now he wants to divert the attention of his failure by provoking millions of Islam, what he can do about Islam? nothing.

  15. Avatar

    My vote to marcon atleast he acknowledged the threat from islam.

  16. Avatar

    As a former Muslim, I totally agree with Macron.

  17. Avatar
    Greater Ethiopia

    All Jazeera censors any comments that's not Pro Islam taking over the world!

  18. Avatar

    Macron ist ein HURENSOHN😅🤣👍🤣🤣

  19. Avatar

    Islam is beautiful ,peaceful ,and successful ,what is in crisis and indeed dangerous is Isis ,Taliban ,Boko Haram , Al bagdadi ,these are criminals who are doing more harm to Islam than Macron & Trump .

  20. Avatar

    Could someone take this frog 🐸 to the pond.

  21. Avatar

    Thank you Macron for speaking the truth

  22. Avatar

    A World of …….
    "We've got the life to live,
    They say only only,
    Only the Fittest of the Fittest,
    Shall Survive,
    Stay alive!"

    "Smooth Criminal"

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