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Luis Arce presumed winner of Bolivia presidential election

In Bolivia, early results suggest an ally of former president Evo Morales has won Sunday’s presidential election – without the need for a second round of voting.
Morales was forced out of office and the country after a disputed vote last year.
Former Economy Ministry Luis Arce is on track to be the winner after his opponent conceded defeat.
Arce has promised to govern for all and his supporters hope this will put an end to a tumultuous year.
His victory is a stunning comeback for Morales’s Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party and Morales has hailed it as a return to democracy.

Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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    First comment i guess

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    Pan African channel Black Emancipation

    AL-JAZEERA will feel really disappointed, congratulations Bolivian 🇧🇴, evo hast been vindicated..

  3. Avatar

    The CIA coup has failed LOL!! They will be going nuts in Washington. Next week there will be sanctions and Bolivia will be declared a "terrorist state".

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    I love Evo Morales and his people. Congratulations to them and may they chase out those radical coup drivers and chase away Elon Musk and their exploitation

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    Bunker Baby dRumph

    Evo Morales & Luis Arce are Social Democrats like Bernie Sanders & myself. After all the Military Dictatorships, Bolivian people have endured for so, so long it's nice to see they have politically evolved into Social Democrat's & want Social Democracy!

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    When will Qatar hold elections

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    as long no american puppet is on power is everything fine

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    America is losing its power

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    Otra vez los cocaineros del mases por qué hay mas pobres que viven de la ccsina con la que evo el jefe de l cartel del mas negociaba y y por tanto los pobres cocaineros (que son más que los ricos acomodados) hacían dinero

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    Bolivia:- 1 ; CIA:- 0

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    Um real democracy would be bring back the original president since every one agreed there was nothing wrong with the election

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    Unity forever, bravo.

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    I listen to her accent and it just mellows me. It makes the bad news better, the good news, like this, much better. Please get some Cuban, Colombian or Venezuelan (Caribbean – why not Jamaican or from another Caribbean nation) to voice the translations of interviewees in English. It freaks me out to get an Indian accent in the middle of all this. It just doesn't fit. Keep the Indians for the British, South African and Asian news, how about it?

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    Bodhisatwa Banerjee

    Inquilab Zindabad!!! Long live the revolution!!! Death to USA!!! Leftists are winning around the world. Soon the Global South will be destroyed.

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    My love and congratulations goes out to the indigenous people of Bolivia for helping bring democracy to their country. I celebrate here in NYC and hope to visit your lovely country one day.

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    What next for USA?!

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    Don't be too happy. NED will train a Hongkie style rabbit army. This time the Color revolution will not be reversible.

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    The headlock is released!

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